Interview during costume presentation of the TV-serie "The foundation."

(Interview with Yawon Neiwen)
At the photo reception for the new TVB drama "The new adventures of Chor Lau-heung", we saw Yung Mei Ling and Kent Tong. The pair naturally became the target of the journalists' murderous film. Although they are not a couple in the drama, and there are few opportunities for them to perform together on stage, the two of them have been the subject of a press campaign. Their off-screen portrayal of each other had stuck in the minds of every audience.

The first part of the interview with the presence of Kent Tong ... I'm sorry...

"He just said you're sometimes capricious?"

"What is the definition of capricious? I don't think I'm capricious. I don't think I'm capricious. He's actually quite angry. He often says I'm mean, but he forgets that he's sometimes very angry!" Yung Mei Ling says with a smile

"He seems to be very accommodating to you!"

"Everyone thinks so, they think I bully him."

"Does he bully you?"

"No, he's good to me too, but we're always accommodating to each other. It's just that we've always been very accommodating to each other. But I know that he has changed a lot from his old self. He's a much more refined man!"

"Don't you think it's fake that he's deliberately changed to accommodate you?"

"I don't know. I hope he's really changed."

Even though she said she didn't know, in Yung Mei Ling's mind she was convinced that Kent Tong had changed for her.

"He said he wanted to join your family, will you allow him?"

"Yes!" Yung Mei Ling rolled her eyes wisely and smiled.

"Have you ever thought of getting married?"

"Not myself!" Barbara replied readily.

"What about your mother? Does she want you to get married soon?"

"She's asked me that too, but she's not too anxious."

"Do you think Kent Tong is the right person for you?"

"What do you want me to say?" Yung Mei Ling asked in return.

"You should know if he meets your expectations. Maybe he's missing something?"

"Every girl wants a handsome and rich man, but does everyone get what they want? I am educated to a certain extent, so I would like to find someone who is similar to me in terms of education, but even Kent Tong does not meet this requirement. Is it possible that I should not go out with him because of this problem? If I were to say so, I would say that he is. If I had to say it, I would say that he is not as good as the top, but more than the bottom." She said the most pertinent thing she could, and I'm sure Kent Tong took it well.

"Do you think your relationship will be affected by the growing distance between you and Kent Tong?"

"I don't think so, I wouldn't think so myself, but I wonder what he thinks?"

"Didn't you say he's a very strong, he was very macho?"

"Yes, but it's hard to say when it happens. It's not that he doesn't have what it takes, it's just that he's a bit unlucky. Sometimes I feel sorry for him, but how can I understand him? If he misunderstands and thinks that I am
pitying him, then our relationship will be affected. So sometimes I try to avoid talking about these issues."

"Do you think it's because he has an inferiority complex?"

"A little. I don't really know what he's thinking!"

"You should have talked about it when you were together."

"Yes, I do, but I just listen to him, sometimes I don't have anything to say, and now I try to behave with him in public and not leave him out in the cold."

"Don't you think it's hard to protect his self-esteem like that?"

"He's a man after all. As a girlfriend, can't he even have this pride?" Yung Mei Ling is very sensible.

Despite her foreign education,Yung Mei Ling has always had the virtues of a traditional Chinese woman, combining the cheerfulness of a foreign girl with the gentleness of a Chinese girl. It is no wonder that Kent Tong loves her so much.

Source: (Intelligence Weekly NO.58 p82)













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