For the sake of Huang Rong, she suffers!...

[Interview with Yawong

Yung Mei Ling after she was cast as Huang Rong, she received a lot of criticism from the outside world. Let's listen to what she has to say about her feelings .....

"I was lucky to have been cast as the lead in the three parts of The Legend of the Eagle, and spent at least half a year working on it. But I was also unlucky. As I was the lead actress, the focus was on me. The role was a subject of much debate beforehand, and everyone had an image of the 'ideal Wong Yung' in their minds."

Of course, some people praised her for her good work, while others said she was not so good, as one can imagine beforehand.

"I'm not experienced, I'm not trained in theatre and I don't know anything about martial arts," she says. She is well aware of her shortcomings.

She has the qualities of Huang Rong - intelligent and perceptive. If she's not good at it, she'll have to spend five or six times as much time practising to get it right. She has always been a confident and strong girl.

"If you don't believe in yourself, how can anyone believe in me?"

That's true.

After the first film of The Eagle, The Heart of Blood, she waited nervously for the audience's reaction, and when it came to The East is West, she was more into the film than the last one. With the way she has started, she will have the ability to be a winning actress in time. The best thing about this girl is that she is "brave". She is not afraid of the camera like a "newcomer on stage", and even if she knows her lines well, she forgets them due to stage fright.

"This is a very difficult role to play, the girl is very deep and unpredictable. I had to skip a lot of scenes when I was shooting this drama. It's really hard to do. I can't deny that I had a hard time shooting. Even though I wanted to do my best, I let myself down and felt a bit overwhelmed. I feel like I'm not up to it."

She is very determined to do well, but her lack of experience is a stumbling block.

"Shooting Eagle is very tiring, sometimes I don't sleep well and I don't put on the right clothes. If I don't get enough sleep, I inevitably look a little haggard. People criticise my acting and say I'm not as beautiful as Wong Yung." She laughs bitterly.

Public opinion can sometimes be very ruthless. Fortunately, she has a mature personality and she knows how to keep her bearings. She doesn't let what people say affect her determination.

In real life, she has the chivalrous spirit of Huang Rong, the daughter of the East Evil, who ignores what the world says.
She has her own style, her own way of doing things, her own Taohua Island.


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