One Year and Two Months

[Interview with Yawng Neiwen]

However, from her entry into the television industry, to her casting in the role of "Huang Rong", to her rise to prominence, it was all a "willow". Some people even criticised her for her poor acting skills in "The Legend of the Eagle", but the company still gave her the lead role in the second film "The Sandwich Man". But "Pretty Huang Rong" has her own problems, her hidden worries that lie behind her smiling face.

"Maybe it's going too well! So I'm worried what I'll do if the company stops promoting me or suddenly stops putting on shows for me" says a sombre Weng Meiling, who is rarely seen with such a depressed look on her face.

"Fortunately, Kent helped me a lot by telling me about his experience. I admit that when there is a flurry of publicity and hype, I am a bit floating around, but Kent told me to calm down and take a second look at the whole thing, to take myself out of the picture and look at the whole thing from a second perspective. Although this kind of detachment was very difficult for me, when I had prepared for the worst, I was able to see it from a different perspective. When the worst comes to the worst, then I can support and survive it. That's why I'm not too happy now. I will always remember that in our business, flowers never last forever. I'll remember that in our business, we're always going to be in business for a hundred days." Weng Meiling said calmly.

There are other ways to make up for it, and that is to seize every minute of study time before the opportunity disappears.

"I do try very hard to learn, but I understand that because I am so new, anyone can climb me at any time and place!"

Although she was able to beat the other actresses to win the role of 'Wong Yung', she feels that she has done well for the role, she feels that she also paid a price for playing Wong Yung.

"I knew from the beginning that it was a thankless job, but I was competitive and vain That's why I didn't hesitate to take on the job."

However, the first thing she didn't realise was that the first thing she had to do as an actress was not to hone her acting skills, but to take the abuse, the slander, and even the unwarranted comments from the public, and swallow them all.

"I am willing to accept criticism, but only if it is well-intentioned. It's like when someone says I've thrown a script in the middle of a film, but I'm the one who takes all the blame. I also understand that everything gets darker and darker, so I didn't want to clarify anything after I was so angry. However, I have really learnt that when you are hurt by a rumour, you will be hurt by it. But I really understand the pain of being victimised by rumours, which only those who are in the circle can understand."

Her pronunciation was criticised by many people. For example, Wong Wan-sze's "laughing mouth harassment" once made a small joke about her.












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