Weng Meiling's participation in the "poisonous attack"!

[Interview with Aarong Neiwen]

When I was filming, I often got hurt and came home screaming about the pain and being mocked.
When she puffs up her cheeks and puffs out her lips, she is so cute and feminine that it's no wonder HKTVB finally cast her as the naughty Wong Yung in the Legend of the Eagle.

When it comes to Wong Yung, she has a lot to say. It was from this drama that she received more attention. Of course, there was a lot of speculation and rumours about the casting of the female lead in this drama, and it was only natural that she was the target of much criticism, as someone else had played Huang Rong before and received public acclaim.

"In fact, my first TV drama was 'Thirteen Sisters' and I knew my acting skills were very young at that time."

She rolled her round eyes and with her customary 'O' lips, she spits out the words and asks in return.
"Do you think I speak quickly?"
I don't think so. Perhaps she is playing an 'ancient' person and needs to speak at a slower pace.

She also said, "The audience didn't seem to want to give time to a newcomer to improve, and at that time the public opinion was very harsh towards me. I used to feel bad because of what they said. But now I'm hearing it, and it's a hundred and eighty degree turn." She shook her head, as if she was lamenting the world.

But maybe she's really improved, and that's why people are willing to say compliments. Apart from the fact that she is a bit depressed about it, she is generally lively and cheerful, a "healthy baby" type, with her hair tied up and her pink T-shirt saving her from the coldness of late spring.

On the night of the TV programme "Happy Tonight", the "Star Competition", she was seen twirling her hula hoop and blowing feathers at her opponent's position, clenching her fist and raising her hand when she won, showing her satisfaction at winning, or hugging her partner across the shoulder to share her excitement at winning the prize. This is the childlike innocence and cheerfulness of Weng Meiling.

"When I was filming, people treated me like a boy," she says with a giggle."They don't show any mercy... Look at this hand, it's bruised!" she says.

On screen, she is always being pampered by a group of handsome men, but in private, she has been "poisoned".

She slowly lowered the sleeve she had just rolled up.
"When it hurts, I put up with it. At the most, I only scream with pain when I get home."

I guess she did it the wrong way, in the video set. She don't cry or shout in the film, so who knows she's hurt and thinks she's an iron man?
And of course, the high level of difficulty is exacerbated.

"I've noticed you're always playing the pouty, prankster girl, is that your true nature?

"I'm the only child in the family, so of course I'm more spoilt."

She can't help but feel sweet inside:

"But I feel very independent. When I was studying in England, I didn't live at home. I rented a house near my school and I took care of my own food and living."

Being used to being a "young girl away from home", having emigrated to the UK for eight years and then returning to Hong Kong, how could she be able to put her mother's mind at ease?

"In fact, after I graduated, I wanted to go around and see more textile designs from all over the world, and I planned to go back to Hong Kong for a while, but my mum didn't like it."

Perhaps her mother has the power of foresight, as it has been more than a year since she made her rounds in Hong Kong, and the signs seem to be that she will continue to do so.She has been in Hong Kong for more than a year now and the signs are that she is still going to keep on going. Her mother has to come over from England every year to find out what's going on.

"Looking at your results lately, everything seems to be going well!

"When I was studying, there was nothing to stop me. I was very naughty, and my teachers always said, "You're always playing it smart". I graduated from university, and I didn't even write a letter of application before I got a job."

In the UK and Hong Kong, it was like she was supported by someone.

"In the final year of textile design, we had to have a general assessment of our work and of course, we all tried our best to showcase our design talents. Then, after graduation, I took advantage of my free time to travel around. Then my mother tracked me down and told me that I had been asked to work for one of the judges of our work."

"Was it a happy memory, that first job?"

"Yes! Of course it was good. The boss loved me and when we got tired of working, she said, "Why don't we go for a walk?
When we got tired of working, we said, 'Let's go shopping! And then we all relaxed."

It's rare to find such an accommodating boss, so I can't help but say that Weng is a lucky girl.

"After working for half a year, I had to go back to Hong Kong, and she was so sad to see me go that she gave me a two-month salary advance and told me to look her up when I returned to England. She looks a bit sad."

"Don't you think you've wasted your design talent now?"

"No, we should learn a lot of experience. What we learn is always ours. If someone asks me whether I agree with a girl applying for a beauty pageant, I will support it, but it is better to complete a stage of study, such as graduating from secondary school. As for the fact that I'm acting now and I'm leaving my old job as a designer, that's not a bad idea either."

"So you're not so stressed out?"

"Yes! It's hard to imagine that Lisa (Liza Wang) has been struggling and innovating for 10 years, she must be under a lot of pressure. I don't avoid going out on the street and I'm not afraid of the stares from passers-by."

"So when you were in the UK, did you keep up with the news from Hong Kong?"

"No! At most, I just bought some magazines when I was free and flipped through the pictures, so I didn't have any idols and I didn't think I would be part of the news."

"Do you have anyone you admire now?"

"No!" She thought hard, "But I like working with Lisa and Sister Sze, I believe I can learn a lot."

"You've been doing this for almost two years now, how do you deal with newcomers?"

"I've been through the 'new' stage myself, so I can understand how they feel. But I'm very straightforward, so when I think something is wrong, I'll say, 'That doesn't seem right! But the arrogant ones, I don't care." She laughs, "I've got three more years to go!"

She has signed a five-year contract with TVB. She is the envy of many, and now she is doing the drama 'King of the Rusty Bridge', in which she plays two roles: the noble and brutal rich girl and the humble and spirited poor girl, two sisters from different backgrounds.

It was a big challenge," says Weng.

I knew she had recently been to Singapore to appear on stage. So I asked her, "Is singing a big challenge?"

She said, "It's not too bad! The audience in Singapore was very supportive, and the kids were giving me gifts."

Suddenly, there was a third party between us, and it turned out to be her boyfriend, Kent Tong, who "took her away" in a hurry.


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「對!現在我就是在Enjoy Myself!實在很難想像Lisa姐(汪明荃)那種十年來不停的奮鬥和不斷創新,她受的壓力一定很大。但是,做了藝員後,也沒有影響我平日的作息,我不會避免上街,也不會怕路人的目光,他們指指點點說『翁美玲乜咁矮嫁』(那麼矮)我聽過後,也就算了。」