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Artists' Forum: What language should be used in teaching mother tongue?

Weng Meiling - as far as I know, people in many places are proficient in English in addition to their mother tongue, because they read in two languages since childhood, so there is no difficulty. In Hong Kong, because the surrounding environment is popular with Chinese, if teaching focuses on Chinese, I am afraid that students' English level will be reduced, and I will suffer from social work in the future.

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翁美玲 - 據我所知,很多地方的人除了母語外,還精通英文的,因爲他們從小便是用兩種語言讀書,所以便沒有困難了。在香港,因爲周圍環境都是流行中文,倘若教學側重中文,我怕學生的英文水準會降低,將來在社會做事會吃虧了。

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