1984 03 05 fearless duo interview

Whenever I see Yung Mei Ling, I think of "Pretty Huang Rong". It's been a long time since she played Wong Yung, but I still can't forget this image.

It's because it was her debut. At that time, TVB was very successful in promoting her and there was a news story about the competition for the role of Wong Yung.

"I love "Wong Yung" so much that every time I think about it, she smiles. I'm not very good at it though," she confesses.

Her Wong Yung is not as good as Michelle's Wong Yung. Mi Xue's "Pretty" has a "sweet" flavour to it.

However, she is very clever.

"What's wrong with being smart?" she said with a twinkle in her eye.

"Of course it's good to be wise, but..." I wanted to say something but I couldn't.

"Wisecracking is confusing, isn't it?" She said it all.

"I wanted to explain, but couldn't think of a way to do so, so I just said, "A wise person is a person who is always bright and energetic; a person who is wise but not wise will be silent and unpopular. ......"

She was really pleased with her words.

She was criticised for not knowing how to act, and she accepted it graciously.

"I'm learning, I'm trying to learn".

How could she dare to criticise such modesty?

Her love affairs are often in the news, and she laughs.

"It's fun to talk about love in this world. Every move we make is recorded. It's amazing! Some of them we've never heard of."

She was furious.

By Xu Li


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