The journalist 梁佩仪 interviewed Barbara on 13 may 1985. It turned out to be Barbara's last interview. Thanks to Weiwei for finding this article for me and translating it.


The Title: It's destined I and Kent can't be together.


I was shocked by the sad news that Barbara was died from gas poisoning at home last night.

It seems everything is destined. I was at her home talking with her at about 11am yesterday, it's her last interview! I am scared.

It's right, she was depressed at that time...


Never thought Kent and Barbara could break up with each other.

I felt the seriousness of this problem after reading the news about Kent and other actress going to the beach for fun on May 12.

I phoned Barbara in the morning, she answered me with drowsiness:


"What a nuisance! Call me so early, what do you want to do?"


"I just want to stop by, don't sleep more, you will become a lazy piggy"


"Okay, you come here at 12pm, we have lunch together"


I reached her home at 11:30pm, Barbara got up already, she asked me:


"What would you like to drink?".


I shook my head and showed her that picture about Kent with other actress on the beach, asked her: "Did you see it?"


Barbara squinted and looked at the picture for a few seconds:


"No, I didn't busy with new TV series, working or sleeping, no time to read newspaper. This photo is nothing special!"


I said: "There is something special, because you're not there! It's Saturday,t hey went swimming, why just you were absent?


Barbara answered: "I had to work!"


Her tone was dryness and cold, and she went to the kitchen for making coffee directly without turning around. I kept silence for a while, she came back to the living room from kitchen and said:


"It's not a big deal, I had no time to stay with Kent, he had fun with his friends, we're like that most of time...and...even if I didn't need to work, I wouldn't go with him, because I don't like swimming.".


I told her: "Other people saw Kent swimming with another actress, they just think you broke up with him and they are a couple now."


Barbara said: "Let it go, I have no idea about it. They said I was with Michael Miu before, it's nothing with him actually, I have been okay with those gossip."


I asked her again: "You and Kent are really not close like before?"


Barbara looked at the cup in front of her, said slowly: "It's difficult to talk about it, I tell you, we are good just like before, but too many things happened on me with gossip. Sometimes they say I steal this girl's boyfriend, sometimes they say I steal that girl's boyfriend. I don't know how to deal with it, maybe because I look outgoing and cause all the misunderstanding."


I asked: "You mean Jaime Chik?"


Barbara answered: "'s long time ago, she did misunderstand me because she thought I would be with Michael Miu...well, it's impossible for me to do that. If she told me directly not to get close with Michael, I would feel better...But she just complained behind my back, I feel very uncomfortable."


She looked solemn with a deeper lower voice: "I have felt annoyed and perplexed recently, the relationship is getting me nowhere...I tried to find spiritual sustenance in work, but I couldn't..."


I asked: "Don't go further between you and Kent?"


She nodded: "Love is not the whole life...I think I only have some feeling for him,

friction(disagreement) between us has increased."


I asked again: "Friction...Why?"


Barbara said: "All daily trivial matters, maybe we have been together for long time, know clearly about each other's shortcomings, quarrel happens inevitably...maybe it's destined I and Kent can't be together."


Barbara sat there and didn't move, just like a statue, the air around us seemed frozen because of her voice, I had a sense of pressure.


She said: "I just wanted to have a beautiful memory when I joined Miss HK pageant contest. Later I joined TVB,I thought I would leave everything here and go back to England if my career was unsuccessful...but I didn't realize it's full of frustration."


I said: "You are very emotional."


Barbara said: "Yes I am very emotional, sometimes I feel depressed for no reason at all, especially recently. "She raised her head and looked at me: "I am desperately unhappy."


I said: "You keep telling me that the relationship can't move on further...why don't you say goodbye to him, avoid nonsense and make yourself in a mess."


Barbara looked stupefied, maybe she had never thought about it before and she started thinking about something when I told her.


With a deep sigh, she said: "I am old-flashed(conservative) about relationship, it's not like changing a book or something's not easy...I still cherish this relationship, but it's troubling me now."


I said: "don't get into a blind alley in a happily for today not tomorrow."


Barbara answered:" Yes, let it go, I have thought positively, but still feel unhappy."


Barbara had been getting thinner every day, her cheeks had sunk in recently, it made her more skinny. She told me that she didn't want to eat anything, because no relatives or friends around could who listen to her...only have a god sister with which she could have a talk, she said she was very lonely. I looked at the watch, it's 12:30pm already.


Barbara said: "I am sorry, ask you to have lunch together, but we are only talking without eating I have to go back to TVB for TV-series."


I asked: "Do you want to go out for something to eat with me together?"


She shook her head: "I don't feel like eating anything."


I asked again: "How about tomorrow....I come to take some photos in your summer dresses?"


Barbara said: "Fine, you call me at about 11pm after I got home from work."


I called her at 11:30pm, the phone rang for long time but no one answered. Then I called her every ten minutes, but still no one answered till 1:30am. So I gave up.


Later Stephen Chau sent Barbara to the hospital, he told the police that Barbara called him and said it's hard to live, she was tired of living.

Then when I called Barbara at that time, she had fainted by gas poisoning or died already...

May 13,1985 written by 梁佩


These pictures are believed the last ones of Barbara alive, taken outside the TVB-studio on 13th of May (source: unknown).

19850513 last picture01

19850513 last picture02




19840513 last interview chinese part1

19840513 last interview chinese part2



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2 years ago
This interview cause her into depression. She alrdy so depressed already and why keep giving so many negative questions. This interviewer is also a part of the reason lead to her suicide.
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3 years ago
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7 years ago
The article mention Barbara thinner. Cheeks sun in, she was not eating. Do you know or anyone know if the last weeks of her life that Barbara took some drugs or alcohol or smoking because of depression? Could she have been drunk or on drugs when she suicided? I am just wondering :(
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7 years ago
All those signs are typical of someone who is suffering from a mayor depression.
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7 years ago
It wasn't until recently during an interview with Kent tong that he mentioned who really killed Barbara. It was Lynda shum who killed her.
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7 years ago
Did Lydia shum and barbara have a feud? All along I thought her suicide was due to the group outing photo of them at the beach. do you have the interview of kent tong saying that lydia shum killed her?
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7 years ago
Wow! This last interview is so troubling to me can almost feel the loneliness she felt during her last hours from her response and demeanour as noted by the reporter. How very very sad ...if only she knew she had so many people loving her and would be there by her side on a moments notice!! Seriously , wanted to point out Kent had almost everything to do with this poor girl's death. He didn't force her to turn on the gas but might as well with his behaviour leading up to her death. What is up with Michael Miu defending him ...come on! It was him and his gf now wife who accompanied Kent and Sandra Ng on a double date. What a friend?! There are stories online about her unrestful soul - I hope it's not true and that she is somewhere where she was able to find eternal happiness far far away from the reminders of Kent! May god be forgiving and granted his grace to give her a better afterlife since it seem she suffered a lot in this one.
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7 years ago
Absolutely a tragedy!!

All the cards were not in her favor!! Depressed and heart-broken with no one to turn to but drowning herself in work life imitates art! Her last serial was paired with kent but can never be completed.

As a grown man after all his life experiences - I would own up and acknowledge he screws up big time with her. He probably couldn't foresee her suicide, however, pictures before she died shows a thin and exhausting looking Barbara.

Poor poor young woman whom if she had the support system around her could have been saved. RIP always.
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7 years ago
Actually, it was not simple if the reporter gave her the best optimism.

From the reporter's perspective, she/he understood the gravity of the matter so she/he had good intentions to help Barbara in that matter. Yes, it was not appropriate to put the pressure on Barbara but not intentionally on the journalist's part.

Not easy. The journalist tried best to comfort her in some ways by suggesting she try out the summer dresses.

Unfortunately, the journalist's particular words - "saying goodbye to him" planted the notion of suicide indirectly in Barbara's mind. :(

Actually, it's Kent's insensitivity how to handle the relationship in the public's eyes.
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7 years ago
After I have read this article, I felt like this journalist was very disturbing. Why did he/she kept putting pressure on her when you could notice that she felt literally down about her life and relationship? The Journalist should have rather made her feel optimistic than telling her some negative issues. I deeply feel very sorry for her. I am as her fandom, I would like to show my grief and sorrow for her family's loss. I hope time will help recovering her family's tragedy.
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