This is part of an interview for a magazine. The date and the name of the magazine is unknown.

"Well, the most unforgettable thing for me was a string of rosary beads given to me by my first love at junior high school. It's was just a small string of rosary beads. You say, how easily pleased I was back then. Well, when my uncle found out, he took it from me. At that time, I was so sad. I was so sad because of a string of worthless rosary beads. I cried for it several times. Although the string of rosary beads no longer exist, I Still miss it!

When I first met Yung Mei Ling, she mentioned her unforgettable little lover to me. From this point alone, I know that Yung Mei Ling is a very affectionate person! "Could it be that the gifts that Kent Tong or other friends gave you are not better than the gifts from this little lover?" 

She thought about it and said, "An ordinary friend gave me a string of small pearls with two rows. It the design was so delicate made that it could be worn alone, or as two strings tied together. Yes, as for Kent Tong, maybe he gave me too many gifts, so I don't know which one is the best!"

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