Cooperation. The Trouble

[Interview with Yvonne]

The legendary actress is still working despite her pouting. The new TVB drama "The new adventures of Chor Lau-heung" is another collaboration between Ms. Weng Meiling and Mr. Michael Miu, a pairing that has been appreciated by the audience. I was surprised when someone said to me, "Ha, did you hear that Michael and Barbara are secretly in love?"
I said, "It must be another rumour that Michael Miu is after Barbara."No, it's not!

Michael and Barbara have already played leading parts together is the TV-series:

  • The legend of the condor heroes
  • The foundation
  • The fearless duo
  • United we stand

Even though I didn't believe this rumour, I decided to go to TVB to look for Weng Meiling. She had just come out of the dressing room and saw me and greeted me with
"Long time no see."

"I've been a bit busy lately... Hey, let me ask you something." I didn't have time to say anything else to her, so I hurriedly opened the door to meet her.

"What is it again?"  She thought it was another question about her and Kent, so she was calm and collected.

"That you have a crush on Michael..."

"What a bore!" She couldn't help but shout.

Is it because you've been working too much with Michael Miu?

"It's not a big deal, the company arranged it, but the most ridiculous thing is that they say that I chased him. What else is there to say?"

"Oh, you knew."

"Of course I did." She sneered! "I read the weekly article yesterday."

She pondered for a moment and then said angrily, "There's no reason at all to do that."

I think, I pondered, "It's because you've been working together so much. Every time a new play comes out, you two appear as a couple, and over time, these people presume you're having a real relationship."

"Maybe so!" she nodded.  "Then there's no reason to say that I chase him."

What a stubborn young woman. I don't know if Barbara is sick of playing these roles. When she heard my question, she immediately replied, "Yes, but what can I do?
I would like the company to arrange something else for me, I think I look better with Andy Lau and Tony Leung."

"Have you expressed your views to the company?" I was concerned because I also wanted to see what she was doing with other people.
"I'm going to be working with Tony Leung."

"So how are you and Kent Tong doing?" If there are any more repercussions, it's going to be Kent Tong and Chik Mei Chun, so I asked Kent first.
She laughed and said, "The same old story."  She seemed to be in no mood to talk about Kent.

In fact, the two lovers are sometimes childish and sometimes mature, and they have fought and fought many times. "It's not like we are kids," she says. She disagreed with my comment.

"We have different personalities, so we sometimes have different views. We have a fight, we have to give in, we have a better understanding."

"He must be the one to accommodate you!" I said with a smile.

She pursed her lips and smiled: "We accommodate each other."

I took the opportunity to ask the previous question: "What did Kent think of the story?"

She frowned, "I haven't heard him mention it, why don't you ask him?"  She was not happy and I didn't know whether to ask her.

But suddenly she said through clenched teeth, "That magazine has done it again, and the next time it does it, I'll have to sue them"

I said, "You can't treat the news like that,"

"If I don't say anything, people will really think I have something to hide. Do people really think that I have something to tell?"

"I don't know... What does Miu think?" It was as if I was asking myself.

"I don't know what Michael thinks, but I'm worried that Chi (Michaels girlfriend) will be affected by this and that it will affect their relationship."

That's what we have to ask Michael.

Barbara looked up to the sky and stretched her hands: "I don't want to do anything, I just want to work better and get more rest. Let bygones be bygones."

"Let bygones be bygones." This is a great line, we will wait for Barbara's future performance.

Source: Hong Kong's Silver Daily
    Text: Yvonne




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