It's hard to cut the ties of love when you believe in fate

[Interview with Yawng]

The problem is not who is right or who is wrong, but rather their personalities and circumstances...

There are rumours that Weng Meiling and Kent Tong have broken up their relationship, and there are even rumours that they are fighting at home. I went to see Weng Meiling to clarify this rumour. Yesterday, I spoke to her on the phone and, naturally, the matter came up again.

She said, "I have never fought with anyone in my life."

"So, is there something wrong with your relationship?"

"Yes. There was a time when I was very upset. And I was very sad. I was just dead." "Why?"

"What was it? Did Tom do something wrong?"

"No. You can't say he's done something wrong." Weng Meiling was calmly analysing... "It's just that we don't see eye to eye and there's no compromise. I'm not happy with him, and he may not be happy with me either. It's not a question of who's right and who's wrong, it's a question of personalities and circumstances. At that time, I did want to break up with him."

"How did it settle down?"

"He tried to change, and I knew he was trying to change," she said. "So I got soft again,"

"Now, what?"

"Well, no matter what, when you change again, there's something missing. " She said, "Let it be, I don't know what will happen in the future. I believe in destiny. Now, he and I are destined to meet."

The fortune-teller said she should get married when she was thirty, but she was only twenty-five now.

She laughed: "I don't have the heart, I have to wait five years before I can get married."

For a while, when she was upset, she thought, "Why don't we just get married?"  But if you don't marry well, it's a sin. So now I just don't want to."

"Do you have any premonition about your relationship with Kent?"

"No, who knows what will happen in the future."

"What exactly are the problems between you?"

"It's hard to say, there are so many problems."

"How long have you been in a cold war?"

"Not very long. In fact, I am a very easy person to coax. As long as he's sincere, he'll be fine soon."

" Hey, no third party?"I smiled and asked, "Does Kent have a second girlfriend?"

"Why didn't you ask if I had a boyfriend? But I don't know what will happen in the future."

She thought about it and added, "Kent complained in front of people that I didn't have time for him. Maybe being too busy is one of the reasons for our friction. I work every day. It's a circumstance, I can't help it."

I said to Weng Meiling, "Kent Tong seems to be very afraid of you, I find you are quite fierce with him. Remember the last time he said the wrong thing and your face sank and he stuck his tongue out?"

"You believe that? He went out there and pretended on purpose. Don't forget, we're all actors. He's not afraid of me."

He's working every day now, with Chor Lau Siang filming until December and a long fashion drama in December.

"He is busy all the time. I won't have a chance to go out and dig for gold until the New Year." Suddenly, she sighs, "Oh! It's so faded! It's so light!"

"Hey, you're in such a depressed mood!"

"No fun."

It is the first time I have seen her so down since I met her. Maybe it is not so easy to shake off bitter feelings.
If there is a chance to meet, but there is no chance to unite, what can we do?


source: Sister Magazine

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