An Interview with Weng Meiling:  A Lighthearted Laugh

[Interview with Yawng]

Weng Meiling is a small girl. She had to go to Singapore for a concert two months ago and lost a lot of weight because she was too tired. She is a very co-operative actress who arranges photo interviews with journalists whenever she can, which is one of the reasons for her popularity.

A while ago, Barbara Yung was photographed naked in a series of photos. If she were any other artist, she would have croaked and hated the photographer who took the photos.Afterwards, she said, "I know I was careless that time, I can't blame them."

I thought Barbara would not accept the photographer's invitation after this incident, but on the contrary, she had forgotten about the unpleasant incident. "What does it matter," she said, "if I get too worked up, I'll make it worse, I won't pursue it. If I don't pursue the matter, it will fade away and we can get along happily again. Why do we have to keep trouble with ourselves? You'll never be happy that way!"

Such a generous girl, no wonder Kent Tong is so nice to her! They have been dating for quite some time now. Kent looks like a very flamboyant boy, but in fact he is a man who needs stability. He also thought that Kent's incessant filming of "sex" movies must have made Weng Meiling unhappy and asked Barbara about it while we were taking pictures. I said, "Are you very unhappy with Kent's sex scenes?"

Barbara's answer was very surprising to me .....
She said, "No! I am not unhappy! It's because you asked me if I was dissatisfied, so I answered casually to satisfy you."  She went on to say, "What do we work so hard for?     It's just a chance to make more money!"

And so this skinny little girl is working her butt off to get into films, to get on stage, and to be busy as hell, but she can handle it.

She said proudly, "What does it matter if you're skinny, you'll put on weight if you eat more."
"Doesn't it bother Kent to see you so skinny?"
"I can't help it."
"How's your relationship going?"
"Very well, very happy, keeping it up."
"Didn't I hear that the Kent went to the movies with another girl? He's got a new girlfriend?"
"You think he's got a new girlfriend?" I don't think so.

"Oh dear! How can you be so generous, so confident? Someone really saw Kent and Sandra go to the movies together, why didn't you ask?"
"Even you said that, we know each other very well! I couldn't go with them because I thought they were secretly meeting."

Barbara is a "ghost girl", she's open to everything and always has faith in people!
"I thought you'd have a problem with that!"
"I don't believe in rumours. If you believe in people that easily in this business, you're asking for trouble."

She has not been in the entertainment industry for long, but she has become mature, worldly, and can see things through.
She nodded, "It's not just because I'm in the business, I'm just like that, I just want to be happy and ignore everything else. I don't care about other things, I don't want to get into trouble, I just want to do what I want to do, I want to be a happy person!"

Don't think that because she has become a TV star, she likes to dress up in fancy clothes.
She says with a smile, "If you want to take pictures of me, you'd better prepare a full set for me, so that I can come and go easily. I only like to wear the simplest clothes, T-shirts and shorts with sandals or sneakers, I just want to be comfortable and natural. Look at my dresses, they're all loose and simple."

"So you can save a lot of money on clothes and dressing up."
"I have to plan for the future too! That's why I don't like to spend a lot of money."
She's very good at planning for her future!

What does she like to play sometimes? She's a big fan of mahjong, she's happy as long as she has a mahjong to play with. She doesn't care whether the game is big or small. But when we told her she liked to play mahjong, she didn't say anything. She said that I was exaggerating and that she would be misunderstood as a "bad gambler", but I said that she was exaggerating when she thought that

I asked Barbara if she had ever thought about getting married.
She said seriously, "Marriage? Is it a good idea to get married so soon? I don't think I'm ready to get married yet, at least two or three years later, when I'm more mature and better able to adapt to married life, it's easy to have a wedding ceremony, but to maintain a good married life, we need to work together, it's not an easy task."

Source of information for this article
The Silver World, NO9-P36,37 (1984)










她繼續又說:「我們那麼辛苦為了什麼?     還不是爭取機會賺更多錢!」








銀色世界.NO9-P36,37 (1984)

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