Rumours are flying around. The truth is not clear

Interview with Weng Meiling and Kent Tong

The two lovers used to live together on Broadcast Drive in Hong Kong, upstairs and downstairs, but now Kent Tong has moved back to his old home in Mei Foo Sun Chuen. "Are you separated?"

"Don't talk nonsense, it will be misunderstood."

Perhaps there have been many news stories about them living together, so Kent was not nervous about these two sensitive words, but replied indifferently, "I did move from Broadcast Drive to my old home."

"Did Weng Meiling 'order' you to move out?" In late 1984, it was widely rumoured that the two were already living together.

She said, "It's all Tom's fault. He doesn't live anywhere but upstairs, and when people see us coming and going, they'll say we're living together! I'll force him to move out. Sooner or later, I'll have to force him to move out, so that I can have some peace and quiet."

"She didn't force me to move out, but I did it of my own accord. The main reason is that my flatmate has found another place to live and I can't afford to pay the HK$5,000-odd rent alone, so I'd rather move back to my old place and save the money for food and drink."  Kent Tong explained.

Recently, there has been a lot of scandalous rumours about Weng Meiling, and she has just been rumoured to be having an affair with Miu Kiu-wai, and then with Tony Leung. But Kent Tong is indifferent to these rumours

"I've been numb to such things for a long time. I don't know what's going on. I went to Taiwan for a month to shoot a movie, and when I came back, there were rumours about this and that, and I couldn't figure out what was going on!"  He said calmly

"So you didn't ask her yourself?"

He said, "What?, I don't know, if she really likes someone else, it doesn't matter, it's not something that can be controlled by a man, is it?"

"I heard that the rumours about Tony Leung and Weng Meiling have made you feel resistant to him?"

"How come?  We're friends, but we don't get to see each other much. You can't be too petty and believe whatever people say, then how can you be bothered to make money? In this world, everyone works and works to make more money, and I am no different." said Kent Tong frankly.

"When you marry, will she help you make money together?"

"It depends. I can afford to support her, so it's best if she doesn't work. I'm planning to quit in a few years and start my own business. Otherwise, when you're 40 or 50, who will love to watch you?" Kent Tong says indifferently, stating the cruel truth of the film industry without a trace of emotion.

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Joy Radio and TV Magazine, Taiwan Issue 8, P20. by Dan Yuan












台灣《歡樂無線雜誌》 第8期P20.記者:丹湲