Short, pretty hair. I don't mind being second choice

[Interview with Yawng Neiwen]

The long hair that Weng Meiling has kept for a few years has suddenly disappeared and has been replaced by short, stylish hair that is as short as her ears. When I first saw her, my eyes lit up: "Weng Meiling, Kent Tong wants you to cut your hair short? It looks good, you look great! "

After hearing the compliment, she smiled sweetly and said, "Don't be ridiculous, I went with Kent Tong to get his hair cut, I cut it too. I only wanted to cut a little bit, but the barber said that cutting a little bit was the same as not cutting at all, so I just cut it off, and that's what happened!"

"What did Kent Tong say?"

"What else would he say?" Weng Meiling replied with a smile.

Recently, the new TVB drama "The battlefield (楚河汉界)" has decided to replace Maggie Cheung with Weng Meiling.
"I don't mind being second choice," she says "In fact, it's another opportunity for me to train. It's just that I wanted to go abroad for a break, but now I can't do it anymore. I can't do anything about it now," she says calmly.

With all the recent rumours around her, both she and Kent Tong have been troubled, so she was desperate to go abroad for some peace and quiet. "It's been a long day. I'm getting pimples. I wish I could finish filming "The battlefield (楚河汉界)" sooner, then I wouldn't have to ask for anything else!" Weng Meiling said helplessly.

Source  Joy Wireless Magazine, Issue 9.P35-36










台灣《歡樂無線雜誌》 第9期.P35-36

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