Weng Meiling's Women Over Women

[Interview with Yvonne]

For years, she has insisted on wearing her hair long, but this time she couldn't resist her hairdresser's nagging and finally got a short haircut. The unconventional and straightforward character of Weng Meiling can be seen in her short haircut.

She says that she is sometimes stubborn, like the haircut that reached her neck and shoulders, so stubborn that her hairdresser would burst her lungs.

When it was too late for her to regret, she has to learn to be patient and wait for her hair to grow to shoulder length again.

I asked her why she persisted to such an extent.

She shrugged and said, "I'm just used to it, I'm used to looking like this. I'm not used to changing my hair."

She thinks she has a personality that doesn't like too much change. I told her that if she was like that, she was no different in her relationships.
So her relationship with Kent has not changed much either. Yung Meiling ignored my analysis and kept on talking about her hair.

"I've been in TVB for more than three years, but I've never had a haircut. Just this once... Luckily, my hair grows fast."

The reason she doesn't want to cut her hair short is that she thinks straight, long hair is the easiest to manage.

She says she is the quickest and easiest person to go out with,

She jokes, "I have to wear heavy make-up when I'm filming, so it's time to let my skin get some fresh air!"

So I think that the bright and confident Police Inspector Tse Pik Wah in "The Challenge" is somewhat similar to Weng Meiling's character, and Weng Meiling neither approves nor opposes it...

She just smiled and said. "Apart from the fact that I had to rush through the film, I was very comfortable. It was very comfortable because the people in the film were CIDs. I don't need to be 'dressed up' because they are CIDs. I don't need to look pretty because I'm a CID."

Perhaps because she hadn't been dressed up for so long, she came up with the idea of putting on more make-up and pearlescence to make her look more feminine than feminine.

source: http://www.barbarayung.net/



多年來,她堅持長髮披肩,今次耐不住髮型師的囉嗦,終於剪了一頭短髮,卻後悔不已... 翁美玲那不拘泥、爽朗率直的性格,都從她剪了這麼一把短髮裡看出來。