Tired of answering letters from fans

[Interview with Aonné]

The photo shoot in Shek Kip Mei Park started with a lunch at a Sichuan restaurant, followed by a photo shoot in Shek Kip Mei Park, which was the idea of Yung Mei Ling.
This time, she was much more progressive than she usually is.

There were a few more of her fans at the restaurant. She explained that these girls had been waiting for her for hours at the entrance of the TV station, so she simply invited them over for dinner.

There was another group of fans who were supposed to come too. They had all gone to Shek Kip Mei Park first to wait for her. There was nothing for it but to meet them in the park after dinner.

Yung Mei Ling was holding a large stack of photos of herself and several scrapbooks. She laughed and said that the fans had given her "homework" and that she had to go home and sign them page by page, and then return them to them on TV on a date in Shek Kip Mei Park.

"She had to go home and sign each page, and then return it to them on TV on a date in Shek Kip Mei Park.

"I give away 70 cents a picture at the office. I give away a hundred or so a day!" I'm serious about it.

She also replies to fan letters (she can't ignore them). She said it was a great burden to her and made her tired and exhausted.

"I heard you scold some fans on the phone," I said in Shek Kip Mei Park, teasing her.

"Yes!" she says. She takes it for granted. "They're not fans, they're just troublemakers. They wake me up at four or five in the morning just to say good morning. They're not fans."

When she arrived at the park after dinner, a dozen girls were waiting for her. These fans had been out in the hot sun for more than an hour, so I was impressed. Barbara's fans are taking care of her dressing, but now they are doing it for her. I was happy to have some time off, but there were so many people that it was difficult to have a long conversation with her. Barbara agreed and asked me to call her in a few days.

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