Weng Meiling's room is full of small things, clothes and small toys

[Interview with Yawng Neiwen]

I've been doing home visits with Weng Meiling for a long time. I've been booking her since the first series of "The Legend of the Shooting Hero", and I'm sure she was surprisingly quick to agree and confident, but after a lot of changes, she didn't disappoint "Blast" (the reporter for this article) and the readers. The door opened to reveal a high floor, half as tall as the newer buildings, and much more spacious and cool, with the house divided into two parts, a front and a back room, and Weng's room in the first room. It is not bad for one person to have a room of 100 feet, even more so in a place like Hong Kong where every inch of land is precious. But she still seems to have a sense of inadequacy, often sighing that the room is too small and there is no room for her things. No wonder when you enter the room, you see bags and bags of stuff on the floor.

"The place was so small that I had to keep doing the same thing. I can't really put it away any more," she says with regret.

After she had put away a large amount of clothes in the cupboard, she saw bags and bags of stuff that she couldn't put away. Weng Meiling said they were all toys given to her by her fans, either dolls or small ornaments.

"I can open a toy boutique now," she said.

She likes to sit on the bed, so even her guests like to sit on the bed with her. With one hand, she brings a large paper drawer to the bedside and stacks of letters ready to be answered.

"I couldn't sleep last night, so I got up to answer the letters and didn't 'finish' until 4am."  Weng Meiling said as she opened the letters, her mind working in two directions.

Her mailbox is always full, and the staff even tied up the letters for her in piles and gave them to her when she returned to the office. She is now only up to April's letters, and she feels sorry for her fans, as she has been so busy for some time now that she has taken the time to return the photo appointments, visit them and pay off her debt. On the wall of her room is a photo frame with a picture of herself and a picture of a dog. This was her family dog in England. She has three dogs and ten cats in the UK, so it's amazing that she has a zoo.

"It's funny that there is a dog in my house, he doesn't know if he is a dog or a cat." She gives them milk whether they're cats or dogs.

Weng Meiling also showed Blizzard a picture of her feeding the cats, in addition to the pictures she took of her life in England. In her home in England, apart from the cats and dogs, paintings are the second most important part of her home.

One incident was with a man who not only spoke foul language, but also used a Fuzzy card full of abusive words, which caused a lot of annoyance to Weng Meiling and her mother, Mrs Chan. On one occasion, he even went to their house in the middle of the night and said, "he is dead!". So she decided to stay away en avoid those boring people.

source: http://www.barbarayung.net/ magazine unknown

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