The Lively Fish - Yung Mei Ling

[Interview with Yvonne]
Her smile and light-heartedness have made her a favourite and a blessing.

"They say it's a blessing to be loved, but why don't I feel it at all?" Yung Mei Ling asked with a smile.

"Because you love Kent more than he loves you. He is the one who is loved."

"Is that so?" She smiled so hard her eyes squinted. "You ask him, you ask him," she said, lovingly.

Of course I didn't ask Kent: Do you love her more? Or did she love you more? It's better for people to keep their opinions to themselves in matters of affection. It's just that the line from Yung Mei Ling, "Why don't I think so?" It evoked some small moments of the feeling that "he is the one who is loved".

One afternoon, six months ago, when she and Miu Kiu Wai went out of town to appear on stage, Kent Tong and Chi Mei Chun saw them off.
It was on that day that Yung Mei Ling's suppressed emotions exploded. The charming young lady cried a lot.
In the airport restaurant, Qi Mei Zhen and Miao Qiao Wei occupy a small table.
Next to him, Kent yawns frequently, as if he doesn't even want to talk.

His indifference was hard on her, and when she saw how carefully Miao Qiaowei cared for Qi Meizhen, she felt even more left out.
The sadness and "undignified" feelings overwhelmed her and brought tears to her eyes.
The people around her were shocked to see her in tears, and Kent was also taken aback.

This little girl was so sad that she could not speak. Tears crawled down her face and then slowly dripped down the lace of her dress.
Kent was dumbfounded, he couldn't understand why she was crying.
He thought to himself, "It's just a short goodbye, right? Why was she so sad?

Miao Qiao Wei, who was a few tables away, thought the couple was having a tiff and said, "Why don't you just let her go?"
But Chi Mei Zhen could see the reason. But Chi Mei Zhen could see why. She gave a wink to Kent.
At first, he was oblivious. He muttered: "Girls, what's going on?"
Tears welled up in Yung Mei Ling's eyes, but her heart was deeply saddened by the lack of response from her boyfriend.
The rest of the people who were dropping off people watched her sit there in tears, while Kent sat mute and at a loss for words.
It was an awkward moment as some strangers kept staring at her.

On the other side, Miao Qiao Wei held Qi Mei Zhen's hand and asked in a soft voice, "What is she unhappy about?"
Qi Mei Zhen looked at him and smiled sweetly, her face glowing with a different kind of satisfaction and sweetness.
Kent saw what they were doing, and even the most confused person would have understood.

Yung Mei Ling's tears flowed and she had no intention of holding them back, so she simply burst into tears.
A poetic girl's love. Kent lowered his head and kissed her face, holding her shoulders, murmuring words of love.
In a short time, her tears turned into a smile as she fell into Kent's arms.

As she dried her tears, she looked up with that usual wise smile.
Looking back on the incident, she only felt childish.
However, we felt the importance of this boyfriend in her life.

"You ask him, you ask him." She repeats: "See which of us he thinks is more important to whom."
When she speaks, she is very expressive, with her big eyes blinking and her two funny bunny teeth, giving her a deft, animated look. Perhaps this is why she has made a name for herself in the visual world.

"Many people say I'm lucky, but in fact, I'm also 'miserable'.
Yung Mei Ling's 'miserable' is because she feels she has 'suffered a lot' and understands the 'coldness of human feelings'.
But is it better than some artists who have been suffering for 10 years and are still half-famous?
"I guess so." She still admits it.

The television industry has brought her fame and fortune, and a strong love.

If I get married and my husband says, "No more acting. Then I will quit the entertainment industry.

She doesn't know if her future husband will be a good one - the future is unpredictable, but for now, she is happy when she sees Kent.

Many people say, "You are a very career-minded person,"

She says. "I just want to be a good wife when I get married, and if my husband doesn't like me to work, I'll just be a housewife."

Before she becoming a housewife, she renewed her contract with Wireless for another five years. Five years is not a short period of time. Many artists are deterred by this figure. But she didn't hesitate to give TVB another five years of her youth.

"Because I had no choice, if I want to act on TV, I have to sign for five years," she says. "I didn't insist on a two-year deal, three years, because I didn't think there was a big difference between three and five years. Maybe I'm a girl. I think if I get married at any time, the company won't stop me, and it doesn't matter if I don't act after marriage, as long as I don't appear on other stations." says Yung Mei Ling with her head tilted sideways, looking so devoted to the word 'marriage'.

"Relationships are very torturous, I'm a very emotional person and it's a mystery when I'm going to get married," she says.

Life is one mystery after another, and it is up to you to unravel and accept it.
If she hadn't been in the entertainment industry, she might not have met Kent.

"But I would have met others." She smiles petulantly: "There's no escaping it. Like most girls."

When she speaks of her beloved, there is an inexhaustible tenderness and joy in the corners of her eyes.
It was a scene that made my heart soften.

I didn't ask: How enchanted was Tom when he was with you? How did you feel when he gently held your hand? If I had, she would have said again, "You ask him, you ask him."

The eagerness in her eyes was that of a child waiting for an answer.

"Sometimes I feel like I'm really a child and I never grow up" she says she is too emotional.

"Even if I'm singing, if the song and the lyrics are sad, I'll cry. I'm glad I'm not a professional singer, otherwise I would have 'cried my eyes out" she smiles.

"I can't say when I'll suddenly feel sad. Maybe in the blink of an eye, I'll come out of it."

She blinks her big, watery eyes and puts on a narrow smile. "Don't be fooled by me then."

Yung Mei Ling's pretty face is like a picture in flux, even her expressions are fluid. In just thirty minutes, there are different flavours. There is anger, there is grievance, there is activity, there is true emotion. No matter how deep or shallow the friendship is, it is always fascinating to watch.

Yung Mei Ling is lovely. She is as lively as a fish.

How fortunate are you with Kent?

"You can ask him." She laughed and suggested so.






























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