The love I ask for must be for life

[Interview with Yvonne]

A girls love for her husband is not a guarantee, but Yung Mei Ling frowns over her love as love for her children

Whenever someone mentions that  Kent is with another girl, it is unnatural for Yung Mei Ling. Although she has absolute trust in him, it's hard to ignore rumours when they are so hard to swallow. Sitting in a wireless restaurant, she said to me,

"When I met Kent, many people told me that he was a womanizer, but I have been with him for over a year and he is not as womanizer as the rumours say. He's not as flirtatious as the rumours. But I've always said to myself, "If the cow doesn't drink, the cow can't help but bow down, so everything is right."

"If you don't drink, you can't help it" (meaning if you really don't want to do it, no one can force you to do it). And if you don't have the heart to do it, you won't give anyone a chance to tempt you. Even if someone tempts you, your heart is strong enough and you won't make a mistake no matter how they tempt you.

"What about this rumour about Kent Tong and Sandar Ng?

Yung Mei Ling thought for a moment and said, "Wasn't that rumoured a while ago?"

"Yes, they were seen in Tsim Sha Tsui East again recently, two of them!

"Is that really true?" she asked in return.

"I heard it from someone else. Have you asked Kent about it?

"No, how can I ask him about something like that?"

"How's your relationship these days?"

"The same. There have been many rumours against me lately, and some people are saying that I am actively pursuing Miu Kiu Wai," said Yung Mei Ling.

"Yes, you and Miu have known each other for a long time, how could there be such rumours?

"I wouldn't have been so angry if I had said that Miu was chasing me."

It was funny to hear her say that.

"For the sake of a little girl's reserve?" 

She nodded: "Of course, it's normal for a man to chase a woman, but if a woman chases a man, people will make fun of her."

"Have you talked to Chi Mei Zhen about this?"

"Yes, but even if I said no, Chi would be uncomfortable and so would I."

"Is it really impossible to have a relationship with Miu?"

"It's impossible!" she said firmly. "I've had a lot of advances, but I'm not going to say yes to anyone," she says firmly. "He has a lot of girls who like hime and I have a lot of boys who like me, but I'm cool about it."

When it comes to her relationship with Tong, she frowns because it has been a bumpy road since they fell in love.

"But it's a very complicated issue, and you can't run away from it, and you can't force it," she says.

"So are you happy or miserable with each other?

"Half and half!"

"If that's the case, why do you continue to drag it out?"

She thought for a moment: "It's a matter of responsibility, I'm a very responsible person, and my feelings are another matter."

"Are you afraid that people will say you've abandoned Kent after you've become popular?

"Maybe a year ago, no one would have said that, but who can guarantee that Kent won't be a hit next year?"

She is afraid that people will say that she has changed her mind. She is a romantic person, but unfortunately she chose a man who does not know how to be romantic.

"I want a love that lasts a lifetime, not just a few months or a few years. I want us to live until we're 80 and still be in love at 17 or 18."

"To be in love forever?"

"Yes! I grew up in a foreign country, in a Western culture, and I saw foreign couples. I saw foreign couples who were old and still in love, unlike us Chinese, who get cold feet after marriage."

"But Kent treats you well too?"

"When you're dating, how many men don't take care of their girlfriends? You don't know until you're married."

"Tom doesn't give you enough security?"


"Do you know Sandra Ng?"

"Yes, but not too well!"

Although Yung Mei Ling was indifferent to the relationship between Kent and Wu Junru, she did not show a friendly attitude towards Wu Junru.
As the author was chatting with Yung Mei Ling,  Sandra Ng appeared out of nowhere and did not greet her.

"Why didn't you say hello to Sandra Ng?"

"She didn't greet me, should I take the initiative?" It was easy to hear the jealousy in her words.

"Who is your favourite artist in the entertainment industry?" Changed the subject.


"His songs?"

"I like that he's handsome. He's so cute."

"Did you like him before?"

"No... When I was in the UK, it was hard to find out about Hong Kong artists. It was only after I came back that I started to like watching him and listening to his songs."

"Do you have an imaginary enemy?"

"Yes, myself. I can't be eliminated, so I just have to be hard on myself and never feel satisfied!"

Although many people say that she is lucky, she does not think so.

She says, " I've done a lot of hard work too. I know my shortcoming is that I speak too fast and sometimes I don't speak clearly." she added after a pause.

"You can change that!"

"It's hard, maybe I'm just used to it."

Having done several costume dramas in a row, she is eager to do a fashion drama.

"I want to make a good film, like Yeh Tong, with a thirteen-point image and a bit of neurosis."

"What if you want to be a little bit more revealing like Yip Tong?"

"I'm sure the company won't approve it. It's very difficult for me to get a chance to do a film!"

It's hard for me to do a film." "Although she is popular in front of the screen, it's another matter whether she is accepted by the screen audience.

"So, I'm a big-hearted person, and I'll only consider this when I get the chance," she says, "Yes! It's much easier for me to make money on stage."


Source: Intelligence Weekly NO.115 p141~142 (情報周刊 NO.115 p141~142)






「牛唔飲水唔o禁得牛頭低」(意指要是真的不想做,沒人能逼到你去做)。又解如果你沒有這個心,你不會給人一個引誘你的機會,就算別人引誘你,你的心夠堅定,別人怎樣引誘你,你也不會犯錯 ...















































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