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Wang Tianlin (September 11, 1927-November 16, 2010), known as Uncle Tianlin , was born in Shanghai, a famous Hong Kong film director , actor, and TV drama producer. He was a producer of Hong Kong Radio Television . Father of Hong Kong director Wang Jing .

Born in Shanghai in 1927, he moved to Hong Kong in 1935. Under the recommendation of his uncle Wang Pengyi , he began to participate in film work in 1947, where he served as film recorder, recording, assistant director, etc. His first film directed was the first and second episodes of " Emei Flying Swordsman " in 1950 , when Wang Tianlin was only 22 years old. Since then, his masterpieces have included the classic song and dance film " The Love of the Wild Rose " and " Teach Me How to Miss Her ", the song record " Peach Blossom River " and more North-South comedy series based on the cultural conflict between Hong Kong and Shanghai in the early 1960s. Wang Tianlin also won the Best Director Award at the 7th Asian Film Festival for his movie " Happy Family " (1959) . In addition, he has also directed many Xiamen language films and Chaozhou language films.

The era of Cantonese films fell in the 1970s, and Wang Tianlin had no work for 17 months. By 1973, under the recommendation of Zhong Jinghui , Wang Tianlin joined TVB as a producer and produced a number of dramas in the early Republic of China and costume dramas. His masterpieces include the classic series " Laughing Karma ", " Book of Swords and Enmity ", " Jinghua Spring Dream ", "The Legend of the Condor Heroes Series ", "A Thousand Waters and Thousand Mountains Are Always Love ", etc.

In 1991, the "Peacock Ting Ling" produced in 1949 and the "Peacock Ting Ling 2" produced in 1957 were re-produced as "Peacock Ting Ling 3" which was 34 years old.

Since 1992, Wang Tianlin has faded out of the ranks of directors, only occasionally appearing in the film as a guest.

In 2006, he was nominated for the Best Supporting Actor in the 25th Hong Kong Film Awards for the first time with " Underworld " . In the end Huang Qiusheng won.

He died at the Hong Kong Baptist Hospital at 8:30 pm on November 16, 2010 at the age of 83.

He was producer of:

1983: "The Legend of the Condor Heroes "
1983: "The Legend of the Condor Heroes : The East Evil and the West Poison "
1983: "The Legend of the Condor Heroes : Mount Hua on the Sword "
1984: " The foundation "










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