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 Sharon Yang played with Yung Meiling in the TV-series:

  • The Legend of the Unknowns (十三妹)
  • Legend of the condor heroes
  • The New Adventures of Chor Lau-heung 楚留香之蝙蝠传奇

Her remembrance of Yung Meiling

Yang Pan Pan (Mu Nianci) was very upset at the time (when she heard that YUng Meiling died), I really don't know what to say. I met her when we did The Thirteen Sisters, and later on, we did The Eagle. When we were filming '13 Girls', she and Tong had just gotten together and sometimes we were having press conferences outside so that people wouldn't see them dating, so I took her and put her in the middle and pretended that nothing was going on. In fact, we all understood that at that time in the entertainment industry, but we wanted to protect her to avoid any gossip. I was a bit older than her and I knew TVB better than her, so I sometimes took care of her. At that time, the happiest thing was to go out for drinks and dinner together after filming. A year after we finished shooting The Eagle, we all went our separate ways and then the incident happened and we were all very shocked when she passed away. She had become much more independent and had changed a lot during that time. She had made more friends, probably in a more complicated environment, and had more things on her mind, but she had fewer people to talk to. At that time, we were all young people, and we didn't understand what had happened to Tom. This is also a matter between them, and there is no way for outsiders to know.



Sharon Yang (楊盼盼; February 5, 1958 - ) is a former TVB artist from Hong Kong, born in Taiwan, in Jiangsu Province. She is married and has a daughter (Jessica). In 1966, she and her parents went on to act in a drama and started working as a child actor.

In the 1990s, she performed a difficult stunt in TVB's "Celebrating Taiwan with a Thousand Stars".

She is now a film producer

Born in Hong Kong of Shanghai and Sechuan parents. Started martial arts and Chinese opera training when she was 4 year-old, and later at the Fan Kok Fa opera academy. Learned different styles from top masters, including Lee Kwan Hung, of Choy Lay Fatt kung fu; Dan Inosanto of jeet kune do; western boxing from John Ladawski; karate from Bruce Leung. She was called "Lady Jackie Chan" in the early 1980s. Worked for Goldig Films, Shaw Brothers, and is well known from appearances in the early 1980s TV series, "Stunt Women", "Legend of Condor Heroes" and "Yang Women Warriors".






楊盼盼(Sharon Yang,1958年2月5號—)係香港無綫電視前藝人,鄉下嚮江蘇,台灣出世,有一個阿哥。楊盼盼已婚,有個女(Jessica)。楊盼盼阿公阿婆魏道明同鄭毓秀係民國政治家,阿媽嚮上海演話劇,藝名古寒。1966年楊盼盼同家長去演話劇,開始做童角。





楊盼盼(穆念慈飾演者) 當時(聽聞翁美玲去世)我是很不開心,真的不知道怎麼說,大家在一起半年,那種感情沒法形容。我跟她認識是拍《十三妹》,後來和《射鵰》是接著拍的。拍《十三妹》的時候,她和湯鎮業剛剛拍拖,有時在外面開記者會,免得別人看到他們拍拖,我就拉著她,在中間隔開,當作沒事發生。其實當時大家在娛樂圈,都明白的,但為免有花邊新聞,就想保護她。我比她大一點,我在TVB比她熟悉,有時會照顧她。那時候最開心的就是拍完戲,一起出去喝東西、吃飯。拍完《射鵰》之後的一年,大家各忙各的,然後就發生了那件事,她離世的時候,我們都很愕然。那段時間她已經獨立了很多,也有很多轉變,她認識的朋友多了,可能環境複雜了,想的東西多了,但聊天的對象少了。當時大家都是年輕人,這些事情都沒有開解過阿湯,事情都發生了,沒有辦法,只有當事人自己釋懷、放下,由得他們自己處理。這也是他們之間的事情,外人也無從得知。



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