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Contacts between Weng Meiling and Danny Chan. 

1. On May 22, 1982, the 10th Miss Hong Kong semi-final was held at the Elizabeth Stadium in Wanchai. Danny Chan introduced Weng Meiling to the stage singing and dancing...

2. On July 23, 1983, rthk-2 held the "Summer Festival" at the Weiyuan concert hall. Weng Meiling, together with Danny Chan and Qu Ruiqiang, acted as the host...

3. On July 26, 1983, a Weng Meiling and a Kent Tong attended Fu Yujing's and Lin Zhengang's wedding at the Hilton Hotel. Danny Chan, Jin Yong, Qi Meizhen and others took group photos...

4. On September 10, 1983, Weng Meiling and Kent Tong participated in TVB's 1983 starry night. They sang Danny Chan's 1982 song "treasure tonight"...

5. On September 20, 1983, Weng Meiling and Danny Chan attended the disco party held in LAN Guifang, central, at "disco disco"...

6. On January 28, 1984, Weng Meiling and Kent Tong jointly attended the "1983 Top Ten Golden Songs Award Ceremony" held at the Hong Kong College hall. On that day, Danny Chan's two songs "treasure tonight" and "no" won prizes. 

7. On July 21, 1984, the finals of the third rookie singing competition held by wireless station were held in Elizabeth Stadium.  There were Danny Chan, Zhang Guorong, Wu Junru, Zheng Guojiang and others beside Weng Meiling..

8. On the evening of April 6, 1985, the 100000 hour celebration was held at the Queen Elizabeth Stadium. There are singing and dancing. That day, Danny Chan and Zhang Guorong also had a chorus...

9. On May 3, 1985, he took part in the "celebrity charity competition". This is the last time that a Weng Meiling appeared in a TV program. Weng Meiling, Danny Chan, Qi Meizhen, Chen Xiuwen, Zhou Runfa and others belong to the Qinglong team.

Source: https://m.weibo.cn/status/4621999932967615

分享一下阿翁与陈百强的渊源,从82年5月一直到85年5月,阿翁从一个籍籍无名的小女孩再到香消玉殒的明星,只有三年。漫漫星河醉,转眼间春去秋来雁儿已南飞,谁又能舍下和你这一生相随,在梦里转了千百回。。。1. 1982年5月22日,第十届香港小姐准决赛在湾仔伊丽莎白体育馆举行,陈百强在歌舞中介绍阿翁出场。。。2. 1983.7.23香港电台二台在维园音乐厅举行“夏日联欢节”节目,阿翁与陈百强、区瑞强一起担任主持人。。。3. 1983.7.26阿翁、阿汤共同参加了符钰晶、林振刚在希尔顿酒店举办的婚礼,合影的还有陈百强,金庸,戚美珍等人。。。4. 1983.9.10阿翁阿汤参加TVB《1983星光熠熠劲争辉》节目,两人演唱了陈百强1982年发行的歌曲《今宵多珍重》。。。5. 1983年9月20日阿翁阿汤陈百强參加在中環兰桂坊舉行的 的士高派對,地點在”Disco Disco“ (簡稱:D D) 。。。6. 1984.1.28阿翁与阿汤共同出席了在香港大专会堂举办的《1983年度十大劲歌金曲颁奖典礼》,当天陈百强的两首歌曲《今宵多珍重》和《不》获奖,可以看到阿翁阿汤附近有任达华、石修、谢贤。。。。7. 1984.7.21日无线台举办的《第三届新秀歌唱大赛》的总决赛在伊丽莎白体育馆举行,可以看到阿翁阿汤旁边还有陈百强、张国荣、吴君如、郑国江等人。。8. 1985.4.6晚“十万小时庆祝盛典”活动在伊利沙伯体育馆举行。阿翁阿汤有唱歌和跳舞。那天陈百强张国荣也有合唱。。。9. 1985.5.3参加“名人慈善竞技大赛”演出,这是阿翁最后一次在电视节目中露面,阿翁和陈百强、戚美珍、陈秀雯、周润发等人同属青龙队。



Background information on Danny Chan

On September 7, 1958, Danny Chan was born in Queen Mary Hospital in West Gaoshan, Pokfulam , Hong Kong , and his ancestral home was 49 Town , Taishan , Guangdong . He has three half-brothers, one sister and one younger brother.

Danny Chan primary and secondary schools are both at the traditional prestigious St. Paul's Co-educational School , and had classmates with Hong Kong music lyricist Lin Mincong and horse racing critic Carlos (real name: Wu Jiale ). Father Chen Pengfei is a fan of Cantonese opera . Danny Chan showed a strong musical talent and was interest in music since he was a child, but he couldn't understand the musical notes but he was good at piano and keyboard. In middle school, he participated in various types of music activities, and won the second runner-up in the 1974 Hong Kong Open Yamaha Electronic Piano Competition. In 1975, he participated in the TVB program "Showing their talents", and in 1976, he appeared in the film "You Are Decent". During Form Five, Danny Chan was sent to California by his father to continue his studies. When he returned to Hong Kong during his holiday, he was keen on music composition and wrote an English song "Rocky Road", and used it to participate in a popular song composed by TVB . Invitational, won the third place.

Before Danny Chan officially entered the performing arts world, he was noticed by students from various schools.  After a social event, he was invited to shoot the cover of the premium magazine "Outside the Number". After that he performed for the first time on TVB ’s Happy Tonight , with a cameo in the Wynner Band composed of Alan Tan , Zhong Zhentao and others , singing "I Write the Songs" by Barry Manilow. He signed a contract as a singer of TVB . In 1978, he played the soundtrack of the movie "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" and won the championship in the senior category of the Hong Kong Open Yamaha Electronic Piano Competition. The competition was judged by Hong Kong talent Huang Ji . In the same year, Danny Chan took his own work "Sunrise" to participate in the popular song composition invitation competition and won the third place.

At the end of 1979, the 21-year-old Danny Chan officially joined EMI Records and began a singing career for 13 years.

In 1979, Danny Chan, who had won the third place in the "Hong Kong Pop Song Creation Invitational" (1977 and 1978) twice before, signed the manager Tan Guoji and joined EMI . In September of the same year, he released his first solo album " Tears Flowing for You " mixed with English and Cantonese . It was was very popular. Among them, the song " Tears Flowing for You " with the same name as the album made him a hit. Become a new star in the Hong Kong music scene. Danny Chan won the award in the 2nd Top Ten Chinese Golden Melody with " Tears Flowing for You " and formally established his position in the music world.

In May 1980, Danny Chan released his second solo album " No More Tears ", which was also a big hit . However, he switched to Warner Records afterwards . EMI did not report record sales to IFPI, and therefore missed the first two platinum records. He is also good at expressing musical concepts and grasping the pulse of the times while composing music. The earliest " Tears Flow for You " and " No Tears " started with a conversation between lovers; "I dreamed of you last night " recite the first lyrics; "A few minutes of appointment " was introduced by the broadcast of the newly opened subway platform. Popular music is a very innovative way of expression. At the same time, Danny Chan has also emerged in the film industry and TV dramas. He has played the leading role in the campus-themed movies " Applause " and " Unemployed ", and also participated in the TVB TV drama " Turn around ". In November, he held his first solo concert in the Concert Hall of the Hong Kong City Hall. With the strong promotion of the movie theme song and episode he participated in, Danny Chan released his first album "A Minutes of Dating " (also known as " Applause ") after joining Warner Records in December , bringing him his first platinum record. He was greatly welcomed by young students and became a popular figure in the show business, and he was the first artist in Hong Kong to be called an "idol".

In 1981, the fourth solo album " With You " (also known as " Sunflower ") was released . In terms of musical style, the two albums "A few minutes of dating " and " With You " are both a continuation of Danny Chan's line during the EMI period. In addition, among them, " Applause ", " With You ", " Missing Love " and the fifth album " Breakthrough Selection " include the only song of the same name in the TVB TV series "Breakthrough" in which he is the leading role With youth inspiration as the theme, it is very popular among young people, and the sales of several albums have surpassed platinum (a platinum record with sales of 50,000 or more).

In 1982, one of the two new songs of " Breakthrough Selection ", " Ripple " composed by Danny Chan himself, was welcomed by music fans. The record sales were high, which laid the foundation for the Chinese record department that Warner had just established at that time. "Ripple" won the 5th Top Ten Chinese Golden Melody , is also a precedent for Cantonese songs to use falsetto. In addition,Danny Chan began to gradually deviate from the fresh and simple, bean sprout dream-like singing path when he debuted, and instead tried a combination of Chinese and Western or more mature music styles. In the album " Talking ", it was adapted from Cui Pingyuan's Mandarin era song of the same name " Tonight Cherish ", set a precedent for the adaptation of a nostalgic song into a Cantonese pop song. "Treasure Tonight" was very successful, broadening the age group of Chen's fans, and won the first Golden Melody Award of the Top Ten Best Songs and the Most Popular Award in AGB Family Audience Sample Survey. In July, he held his third solo concert; in October, he accepted the invitation of the famous French fashion designer Pierre Cardin and became the first Chinese to perform at the Espace Cardin Art Center in Paris. Then he went to the United States to study vocal music.

In 1983, the release of "I Just Like You " composed by Chen Baiqiang himself continued to be sought after by all ages. The " Acacia River ", " No ", " Lone Goose " and so on on the disc also have the charm of Chinese retro tunes. "I Just Like You " won the Top Ten Chinese Golden Melody Awards. [26] The two albums " Talking " and "I Just Like You " also sold more than 250,000 copies, one of the highest-selling albums in 1982 and 1983. In September 1983, he held two solo concerts at the newly completed Hong Kong Hung Hom Stadium, and became one of the very few singers who sang in the Red Hall first (there were only Xu Guanjie, Teresa Teng, Lin Zixiang, Winner Band, Luo Wen and international superstar David Bowie). In December, I will step on the stage of the Red Hall again to perform "Platinum Superstar Music Festival" with Wang Mingquan, Ye Liyi, etc., and the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra. The career reached its peak at this time, and the sharpness was no different at the moment.

In 1984, he continued his innovative route and released the album " Top 100 84 ". Warner Music's advantages in business planning and positioning began to emerge. With a career like Japan, Chen Baiqiang boldly added a lot of new elements to the lyrical skit-style songs: "Genesis" with a strong breakdancing style, and a cover from Edith Piaf's " Pink Life " with a European style. Dance elements. The anti-drug theme song " Reaching the Stars " in the album was extremely popular, and Chen Baiqiang won another Top Ten Chinese Golden Melody Award for this .  In the same year, he went to Warner's US headquarters to record the English song "Tell Me What Can I Do" with the famous folk singer Crystal Gayle. It was the first Hong Kong singer to develop the international market. The single album was released in Japan . In September, he accepted the invitation to perform a charity performance at Stanford University in California, USA.  At the end of 1984, the movie " Merry Christmas " co-starred by Danny Chan, Mai Jia , Xu Xiaofeng , Leslie Cheung, and others went viral . Danny Chan's episode " Etc. " for the film was also appreciated by music fans and became his own favorite masterpiece.


Death by alcohol drinking and medicine

At 5 pm on May 18, 1992, the manager Chen Jiaying had a phone call with Danny Chan for the last time. At that time, Danny Chan was drinking with a friend and suspected of being poisoned by taking medicine before drinking. Three hours later, Chen found Danny Chan in the Mid-Levels district Macdonnell Road No. 96 Birchwood lying unconscious in the 11-floor apartment, the police rushed to Queen Mary Hospital for treatment, when sent to hospital in critical condition and Transfer to the intensive care unit . From May 18th to 19th, the heart and breathing were stopped three times. After many rescues, he was temporarily rescued. However, the brain tissue has been severely damaged, and he is only reliant on instruments to maintain his life. The death was reported at 4 pm on May 19, the manager denied it immediately. On May 20, Metro Radio apologized for misreporting the death. On the evening of May 23, Commercial Radio held a "Candlelight Blessing Party" at Chater Garden . More than 2,000 fans attended the event and the lucky stars origami cranes gave their blessings.

On May 27, the hospital confirmed that Danny Chan had passed the dangerous period,  his condition stabilized, but he was still unconscious. Four months later, Danny Chan was transferred to a private ward for hospitalization. In another two months, the doctor said that the drug injection could not make Danny Chan awaken from a deep sleep. The family only waited for a miracle.

In mid-October 1993, Danny Chan's situation became critical again. On October 23, his family, record company officials and Danny Chan's friends rushed to the hospital to visit. And until 12:12 noon on October 25th, the rescue was invalid, at the age of 35. At 3 pm that day, the hospital held a press conference stating that Danny Chan died of gradual brain failure . A few days before his death, Danny Chan had lost the most basic blood circulation function. The cause of the coma cannot be confirmed or confirmed. The most likely explanation is the use of alcohol to give sleeping pills. During the coma, Warner Records released Danny Chan's last album " Dear You " with new singles and selections . Two of the new songs " Inseparable " and " Dear You " became his posthumous works.

Regardless of whether he is familiar with him or not, many people who have been in contact with Danny Chan agree that he is sentimental and often unhappy. He himself has repeatedly mentioned his depression, long-term insomnia and easy depression. He also sought medical treatment due to emotional distress and sought spiritual comfort by reading Buddhist scriptures . Huang Bogao, who has worked with him for many years, once pointed out that Danny Chan was a victim of depression ; Chen Xinjian also said that he had a mental breakdown before he was studying in the United States. Manager Chen Jiaying uses "tragic figures" to summarize Danny Chan's life. It is a pity that the prince charming, who is the idol of many people and thousands of young girls, lives in an era when he knows nothing about this mental illness.

Source: https://zh.wikipedia.org/zh/%E9%99%B3%E7%99%BE%E5%BC%B7

Weibo group Danny Chan


陳百強中小學均就讀於傳統名校聖保羅男女中學,與香港樂壇填詞人林敏驄以及賽馬評論家卡洛斯(本名:吳伽樂)是同班同學。父親陳鵬飛是粵曲迷。陳百強自小就表現出濃厚的音樂天份及興趣,看不懂音符樂譜卻精於鋼琴和電子琴。[9]中學時已參加大小類型的音樂活動,獲得1974年全港公開山葉電子琴大賽乙組亞軍。1975年參加無綫電視節目《各展其才》、1976年客串電影《你系得嘅》。就讀中五期間陳百強被父親送往美國加州繼續學業,]假期返港時熱衷音樂創作的他寫了一首英文歌《Rocky Road》,並以此參加由無綫電視舉辦的流行歌曲創作歌曲邀請賽,奪得季軍。

陳百強還未正式踏入演藝界前已受各名校學生留意。於一次社交活動後被邀拍攝高級雜誌《號外》封面。]其後第一次在無綫電視的歡樂今宵演出,在譚詠麟、鍾鎮濤等人所組成的溫拿樂隊中客串,唱的是Barry Manilow的《I Write the Songs》。[17]隨後簽約為無綫電視的歌手。1978年他以彈奏電影《Close Encounters of the Third Kind》之配樂,贏得全港公開山葉電子琴大賽高級組冠軍,]比賽由香江才子黃霑任評判。同年陳百強又以自己作品《Sunrise》參加流行歌曲創作歌曲邀請賽,奪得季軍。




1980年5月陳百強推出第二張個人專輯《不再流淚》,亦大賣,但因之後便轉投華納唱片公司,百代唱片沒有上報唱片銷量予 IFPI,因而錯失頭兩張的白金唱片。他寫曲之餘亦擅於表達音樂概念及掌握時代脈膊。最早期的《眼淚為你流》、《不再流淚》由戀人對話開首;《昨夜夢見你》朗誦首段歌詞;《幾分鐘的約會》則以剛通車的地鐵月台廣播引入,是當時流行音樂非常創新的表現手法。同時,陳百強亦在影壇及電視劇中嶄露頭角,在以校園為題材的電影《喝采》及《失業生》中擔任主角,也參與TVB無綫電視的電視劇《輪流轉》演出。11月在香港大會堂音樂廳舉行首次個人演唱會。憑藉所參演的電影主題曲及插曲強力宣傳,陳百強在12月時推出加盟華納唱片後的首張專輯《幾分鐘的約會》(又名《喝采》),為其帶來首張白金唱片,大獲青年學子歡迎,成為演藝界的當紅人物,更是香港首位被稱為「偶像」的藝人。


1982年,《突破精選》的兩首新曲之一、由陳百強自己作曲的《漣漪》獲得廣大樂迷歡迎,唱片銷情勢如破竹、替當時華納剛成立的中文唱片部奠定江山。《漣漪》奪得第五屆十大中文金曲、 亦是廣東歌運用假音唱法的先例。此外,陳百強亦開始逐漸脫離初出道時清新質樸、豆芽夢式歌路,轉而嘗試中西合璧或較成熟的音樂風格,《傾訴》專輯當中改編由崔萍原唱的同名國語時代曲《今宵多珍重》,[25]創下懷舊曲改編為粵語流行曲的先河。《今宵多珍重》非常成功,替陳擴闊了其擁躉的年齡階層,更以此奪得第一屆十大勁歌金曲獎及AGB家庭觀眾抽樣調查最受歡迎獎。7月舉行第三次個人演唱會;10月接受著名法國時裝設計師Pierre Cardin邀請、成為首位華人於巴黎Espace Cardin藝術中心表演。隨後到美國深造聲樂。

1983年,推出由陳百強自己作曲的《偏偏喜歡你》繼續得到各個年齡階層的追捧。碟內《相思河畔》、《不》、《孤雁》等亦相當有中式復古的曲調風韻。《偏偏喜歡你》又獲得十大中文金曲獎。[26]《傾訴》和《偏偏喜歡你》兩張專輯銷量同樣超過二十五萬張,為1982和83年最高銷量唱片之一。83年9月於剛落成的香港紅磡體育館舉行兩場個人演唱會,成為最早於紅館演唱的極少數歌手之一(當年在紅館開個唱只得許冠傑、鄧麗君、林子祥、温拿乐队、罗文及國際巨星David Bowie)。12月再踏紅館舞台,與汪明荃、葉麗儀等、聯同香港管弦樂團演出《白金巨星音樂盛會》。事業此時達至巔峰,鋒芒一時無兩。

1984年,延續其創新路線推出專輯《百強84》。華納唱片在商業策劃及定位上的優勢開始顯現出來。事業如日方中的陳百強在抒情小品式的歌曲外大膽加入了不少新元素:《創世紀》帶強烈霹靂舞風格、翻唱自艾迪特·皮雅芙《粉紅色的一生》帶歐陸格調和舞蹈元素。大碟中的禁毒主題曲《摘星》極受歡迎,陳百強憑此再得到十大中文金曲獎。同年遠赴華納美國總部與著名民歌歌手Crystal Gayle灌錄英語歌《Tell Me What Can I Do》,是香港歌手發展國際市場之先, 單曲專輯在日本推出。9月接受邀請到美國加州Stanford University作慈善演出。1984年末,陳百強與麥嘉、徐小鳳、張國榮等合演的電影《聖誕快樂》大賣。陳百強為電影而作的插曲《等》亦深受樂迷欣賞,成為他自己最愛的代表作。





10月26日,商業電台於伊利沙伯體育館舉辦「深愛着你 別了Danny懷念晚會」。10月29日,陳百強於香港殯儀館出殯,由周潤發、梅艷芳、鍾楚紅、葉蒨文、何超瓊及徐日勤等好友扶靈,遺體下葬於將軍澳華人永遠墳場。
無論相熟與否,許多曾經接觸陳百強的人均不約而同認為他多愁善感,經常鬱鬱不歡。 他本人也多次提到自己性格憂鬱、長期失眠及容易情緒低落。他亦曾因情緒困擾求醫、藉閱讀佛經尋求心靈慰藉。與他共事多年的黃柏高曾指出陳百強是抑鬱症受害者;陳欣健亦稱早於他留學美國時已曾精神崩潰。經理人陳家瑛用「悲劇人物」總括陳的一生。可惜一個眾人偶像、萬千少女心中的白馬王子活在一個對此精神疾病一無所知的年代。


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