Dear mommy & uncle,

   Haven't heard from you all for quite awhile, I know you all must be busy. The holidays are coming, what do you plan to do? It's extremely hot in HK now. Sometimes, it's over 30 degree & I would rather stay home, however, when I need to work outside, I have no choice. People said I am lucky, whenever I need to work outside; it's either getting cooler or taking places in some restaurant. Indeed, I have tried so many famous restaurants in HK while working. Anyway, I will go casting tomorrow, & I might have chance to work in an ancient drama. I really hope that I will get the offer since I am longing to work in ancient dramas. The ancient drama is "The Legend of Condor Hero". Last time, I didn't get the offer of a youngster drama due to the conflict of image. Indeed, I missed many valuable opportunity due to my serious image as the host in "Woman New Look". Since the target of audience of "Woman New Look" is middle age women, I must present a sophisticated & graceful image, so I cannot work for many jobs which are in conflict to my image. The producer Chan Bo Chui indeed values me so much. In fact, I value the casting tomorrow so much too, since this is a good chance for development in other field. Though being a host is good, I personally love acting more. Anyway, I am fine, don't worry.

   Haven't heard from uncle for a long time, how are you doing? How's the weather there? Really want to know how you are doing, & I miss you & mommy much! Hope that everything works great to you all. How about you & Ah Mui? Any news? Also, Ling Chi wrote me twice time. Perhaps she haven't received my letter for awhile, she wrote a letter to Mr Ching who is the teacher of the drama training course & asked him to help me whenever I needed ! Indeed, I knew Mr Ching long time ago, & I attend his class twice nights a week. I really don't know what Ling Chi is thinking! However, I have written Ling Chi a letter & thanked for her kindness. Please pretend as if you never heard of this before, since I don't want Ling Chi to get mad at me. Maybe she mainly wants to know how I am doing.

    Friend of mine will go to Cambridge two weeks later, & I will ask her to bring you something. Let you know of the details later.  Mommy, is your health getting better? Please don't worry too much. You & uncle must take good care! I will send you some of my news clippings next time. Also, please express my greeting to father. BTW, my boss still writes me sometimes, & once she even drew a crying flower & told me how she missed me! We are still very good friend, & she is a very nice person. I will send back a check to her later.

(P.S: I wrote this letter on a TVB vehicle when I worked, so please excuse my messy writing.)

Love, Lui Lui

12th August, 1982

(The letter Yung Mei Ling sent on 1982.8.12 mentioned: "I will go to the audition tomorrow, I may be sent to make a costume film. I hope that the audition will be successful. Because I hate doing costumes and hate fever, this drama is for TV, the last attempt (youth drama) I was not allowed to shoot due to image problems.". TVB selected on August 11  Yung Mei Ling, Anglie Leung Wan Yui and Lau Hung-Fong for an auditon for TV serie The Condor heroes. They were three newcomers from which Lau Hung-Fong just graduated from the artist training class. The estimated letter was written on August 10 and sent out two days later, so there was an error in time.

 翁美玲 分析阿翁的家书中反映的细节(四)

(source: )

 恨做古裝恨到發燒/吃遍香港名店~82/08/12 Long to act in ancient drama





祝 身心安康
(出外景時在公司車上寫的,故字體很亂)                                                            女兒 囡囡上

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