Dear mommy & uncle,

   Haven't heard from you all for quite awhile, I know you all must be busy. The holidays are coming, what do you plan to do? It's extremely hot in HK now. Sometimes, it's over 30 degree & I would rather stay home, however, when I need to work outside, I have no choice. People said I am lucky, whenever I need to work outside; it's either getting cooler or taking places in some restaurant. Indeed, I have tried so many famous restaurants in HK while working. Anyway, I will go casting tomorrow, & I might have chance to work in an ancient drama. I really hope that I will get the offer since I am longing to work in ancient dramas. The ancient drama is "The Legend of Condor Hero". Last time, I didn't get the offer of a youngster drama due to the conflict of image. Indeed, I missed many valuable opportunity due to my serious image as the host in "Woman New Look". Since the target of audience of "Woman New Look" is middle age women, I must present a sophisticated & graceful image, so I cannot work for many jobs which are in conflict to my image. The producer Chan Bo Chui indeed values me so much. In fact, I value the casting tomorrow so much too, since this is a good chance for development in other field. Though being a host is good, I personally love acting more. Anyway, I am fine, don't worry.

   Haven't heard from uncle for a long time, how are you doing? How's the weather there? Really want to know how you are doing, & I miss you & mommy much! Hope that everything works great to you all. How about you & Ah Mui? Any news? Also, Ling Chi wrote me twice time. Perhaps she haven't received my letter for awhile, she wrote a letter to Mr Ching who is the teacher of the drama training course & asked him to help me whenever I needed ! Indeed, I knew Mr Ching long time ago, & I attend his class twice nights a week. I really don't know what Ling Chi is thinking! However, I have written Ling Chi a letter & thanked for her kindness. Please pretend as if you never heard of this before, since I don't want Ling Chi to get mad at me. Maybe she mainly wants to know how I am doing.

    Friend of mine will go to Cambridge two weeks later, & I will ask her to bring you something. Let you know of the details later.  Mommy, is your health getting better? Please don't worry too much. You & uncle must take good care! I will send you some of my news clippings next time. Also, please express my greeting to father. BTW, my boss still writes me sometimes, & once she even drew a crying flower & told me how she missed me! We are still very good friend, & she is a very nice person. I will send back a check to her later.

(P.S: I wrote this letter on a TVB vehicle when I worked, so please excuse my messy writing.)

Love, Lui Lui

12th August, 1982


 恨做古裝恨到發燒/吃遍香港名店~82/08/12 Long to act in ancient drama





祝 身心安康
(出外景時在公司車上寫的,故字體很亂)                                                            女兒 囡囡上


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The owner of the clothing company is very bad and doesn't tell you where barbara is going. He knows it.
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