Dear mommy & uncle,

   You should have received the stuff my friend brought along, shouldn't you? Hope that you like them & they fit well. Especially the tee-shirt for Daddy, I hope that it fits well & not too big for him. How's my appearance as Wong Yung? Since this role is very important, TVB is still trying to determine the most suitable one, & so the outcome is still not known yet. Thus, the production of this drama will be postponed until November. Indeed, there is nothing I can do about it now. All I can do is just hope for the best & prepare for the worst. After all, timing, opportunity & luck are very important in the entertainment field.

   It's said that " Whatever you expect stays away from you, & whatever you unexpect searches for you". When I first came back to HK, I could not get in touch with Ting Hoi Waw. However, I ran into her accidentally when I worked out in Causeway Bay couple days ago.  She was very happy to see me, & she said she could not believe the number participant in Miss HK was me. I got her phone number for contact in the future. I heard that she is a tour guide for a Japanese tour & she is still single, indeed, she is a bit fatter than last time I met her. Most likely I will date her next week, & I will give her the leather bag you gave her. We will definitely talk more next time.

   Time really flies by, & I have been working in TVB for two months. When I am happy, I am quite satisfied with what I have so far. Within two months, I finished two Advertisements. Also, some people have invited me to act in their films, though TVB turned the offers down. However, whenever I am happy, I feel lost & worried. Perhaps I still do not have chances to act in dramas, I am afraid that I will not have chances to acquire what I want. Though people keep saying that since I have just worked for two months, I can not expect to achieve everything. In fact, there are many people who spent many years in this field & still have nothing. However, I am still worried, since I don't have time & I can't waste my time in this field for nothing. Things are really uncontrollable in this field, & you need to spend at least a year to find out where you stand in here. Therefore, I am very lost. Also, some people said I am not suitable for this field, since I am too naive. Anyway, I have decided to give myself half a year to try. 

   How's the sale? It's really hot in HK, but I think the weather in UK should be great, right? Mommy, you seemed to be angry when I talked with you over the phone last time. I told you many times before, please take everything easy & don't worry too much. We just have a few family members, so why can't we share our heart openly with others? After all, we have been together for many years! Please be patient & yield to each other, & don't worry too much! Indeed, all of us love you very much.

   Uncle, how's your relationship with Ah Mui? Please be honest! Also, if you need somebody to talk to, don't hesitate to reach me. Indeed, all of us care about you, even Hoi Waw asked me about you. Also, please don't argue with mommy. This is her personality, & everybody knows that well! She will be fine after a short while. Please take good care & be cautious, & please express my greeting to father. 

Love, Lui Lui

31st August, 1982

(comment: the two advertisements she mentions are the one where Kou Hongping and YUng Mei Ling are modelling in the K-100 pictorial autumn 1982, demonstrating fashion by the famous Hong Kong fashion designer Ma Weiming (Walter Ma). The other one is de Kao Hair Conditioner advertisement.)

人說我不適合這個圈子/內心感到徬徨~82/08/31 Not suitable for this field






舅舅你和亞妹究竟有沒有下文呢?希望你能老實和我傾傾,有甚麼事不怕和我說啊!大家都很關心你,藹和也不停問及你的近況,你和媽咪就少吵兩句,她的脾氣是這樣的,全世界人都知啦!過後她便沒事,希望你自己多多保重和小心,請代問候父親!                                                                                                   女兒 囡囡上

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