Dear mommy & uncle,

   Haven't receive your letter for a long while, hope that everything is fine with you all. Perhaps you are very busy, but I really miss you. I was very busy & very stressful during these two weeks. The new life is not easy, & it takes time for me to adapt to it. Now I am the host for the TV program, " Women new look", & I am working with Sum Sum & Chan Chai Chong. Maybe I lived in other place for too long, my Cantonese pronunciation is not very precise, so I use wrong words all the times. Hope that I can overcome & improve this disadvantage in the future. As I am under great pressure because of this, everything is so challenging to me.

 Time really flies by, & I have been to HK for three months. Time is very precious, & I can only acquire what I needed within these few years. Don't worry, I will try my best. I think Aunt Bing has given you my audio cassette tape, hope that I can hear the news & thoughts from mother shortly. Also, I hope that you forgive me for not being around you, please take good care, & don't need to worry about me.

Uncle, for your everything, of course I know it well. I hope that you are happy & healthy, & thanks a lot for taking care of mommy. I know that you must be toilsome. How's Ah Mui doing? Please express my greeting to her. How's mommy's health? Feel free to record a tape to me whenever you want. Anyway, please take care & be careful!

Daughter, Lui Lui

( Remark: This letter was sent 1982, when Barbara host TV program," Woman new look ")


做節目發音不正~82年間 Having accent when performing shows




舅舅,你的一切,我那有不知之理,但願你快樂和身體健康,有勞你多照顧母親。一切一切都辛苦了你,亞妹的近況好嗎?請代問候。媽咪的身體好好嗎?有甚麼事也可錄音給我,總之,你倆都要小心啊!                            女兒 囡囡上



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