Dear mommy & uncle,

   Haven't heard from you for a long time, I know you must be very busy. Is mother's finger getting better? Please take care! I have met Aunt Bing twice, so I know how you all are doing. I think the weather there is hot, so you all must be even busier & toilsome. Godmother said you invited her to go to Britain for traveling. Indeed, she also wanted to go, but she worried about her health during a long flight. She said she must wait for godfather to accompany with her to UK, & she thanked for the money you sent her. I met Brother Keung yesterday.  I gave him money, since he will go to China for a few days, & he will ask his friends to find him a new job. Since his current working condition is so harsh & the pay is low, I think I can help him as I know many people now.

    I am quite busy recently. Last week, I portrayed for the advertisement of Fa Wong Conditioner. Since I also needed to work outdoor for TVB on that day, I worked for entirely 24 hours from 4 am in the morning to 4 pm the next day. I was exhausted! However, since the pay was good, I would try my best. The price was quoted by TVB -- $15000. TVB will take 20% as the commission, so I get $12000 indeed. It's really good pay indeed, & I will get the money after the job.

    On the other hand, Roman Film production co. invited me to cast for their film, but I don't know how TVB deals with them. Since TVB is my agent for all my outside jobs, if it thinks the job is unfavorable to me or to TVB, it has the right to turn the offer down for me, so I don't know the outcome yet. For new artists, TVB usually tries to reserve them for its own production, so it's hard to tell & know their policy. However, since people invited me for outside jobs, TVB asked me to cast for a drama the next day. I will know later if I can act in the drama. Since the general manager Chan Bo Chui wanted to train me as a host in the beginning, I don't know if they will allow me to act for the drama. So far, everything is working great, & people treat me good also. At work, I believe I am more lucky than my personal life. Don't worry about me, I will be cautious.

   Regarding Ms Ng's money, I will discuss with her in a few days. Indeed, apart from work & socializing, I hardly meet other people. For socializing, it's necessary. Since those people are well-known, they might be helpful when needed in the future. Of course, I have new friends. Also, I play sports & take godmother out in my spare time. When grown up, you will find that you never have enough time. Even though you are busy, you never know what you are busy for.  However, though I am busy, I miss you all the times. I worry that mother might feel lonely, & I worry that uncle is over-loaded. I understand that you all must be very toilsome, & may have argument & temper sometimes. Nevertheless, I hope that you all take good care, & I hope that time will fly by so that we can meet again soon. Uncle, when you have time, please tell me how you are doing. By the way, the key of my boss is inside the red leather handbag that you bought me. Mom, please take care & take more rest! Please don't worry too much! Also, please express my greeting to Dad. I will write him later.

Best wishes, Lui Lui

28th July, 1982


shampoo reclame

 The shampoo advertisement Barbara writes about in her letter.


 有機會試鏡做話劇~82/07/28 Having chances in casting for a drama






祝安康                                                                                                                  女兒囡囡上

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3 years ago
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9 years ago
Here Barbara mentioning she is usually more lucky in work than personal life. Till then she is still thinking about your relationship.
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