Dear mommy & uncle (mommy's brother),

   Really miss you all, especially the heath of mother. Hope that you take good care, & don't worry too much about me.

   The outcome this time is anticipated, (Referring to the result of Miss HK 1982) as it is internally planned. Besides, my figure is in disadvantage. For my recent plan, I really need to discuss with you all. TVB is interested in discussing with me. (We will have an interview this Friday) I am not working for any particular reason, but I really think this is the only way I can show off myself & to compete with others. What do you all think? On the other hand, it is not hard to develop my career in my own major in HK. To be honest, it is even more favorable for me to develop my career in HK than in UK. The problem is our family; mommy & uncle really make me puzzled & contradictory. You all should understand those millions of words in my heart, & I will try my best. Please give me some unbiased advices; indeed, I have been thinking for days myself. This turning point is really so tremendous for me, please help me think!

   I have sent the letter from accountant & videotapes along with this letter. I am really lost, so please allow me some time to consider my situation. Uncle might be very tired, so I really hope that I can try my best to bring you all a comfortable life. This is the true word from my heart! Of course I know how toilsome you all are! I am very grateful for everything you all gave me; & please give me some "time” to repay you all!

   The more I write, the more messy & unorganized this letter is. Please write me back soon & give me some advice. Please take good care, I miss you all so much!!

    Please express my greeting to Shela.

   Daughter,Lui Lui 



選美輸了身材~82/07/17 Defeat in the pageant owing to her figure






代問候 Shela 





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