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Dear Mommy, Uncle, Shela:

It's so exciting to hear the baby birth, everybody I told are happy for you. I don't know what to buy to congratulate you, only buy these three "Family happiness" to you, wish you happy. I like the most the toy is that boy doll Shela carried on the back, and the boy wore a straw hat, does he like Uncle? Somewhat foolish, just like a FISHER MAN, HAHA! You cab hardly deny it.

The baby must have much hair now, however, does he look like Uncle? Most importantly, hope he won't be silly like you, that'll be okay. He'd better like me, his Aunty who is bright! ( Barbara may mistake the generation between the baby and her, actually she and the baby are in same generation, she is sister of the baby, not his Aunty) I believe you must expect much on the baby just like you expected on me ever, even I begin to worry about him.

I haven't got free time to buy mother card, so I sent a self made card to Mom. It's an exclusive card of the world, so it's unique. The photo is the look of one of the role of twins girl of "United We Stand 1984". And some dry mango for you also with the video tape of "The Fearless Duo 1984". My new drama will be broadcasted on 14th May, then you can watch. I'll attend a stage show for ten days with Michael Miu on 15th May. I just have phone call with Ah-gyun, haven't seen Miss Ng and surrogate Mother because I was busy these days. I'll take care of myself, don't miss me. I clipped photos of my room on all weekly, is it good? Alas, I didn't find two others, I'll send you next time, okay? It's too late, I'm tired to write. Wish you all keep well, Mum, take good care of yourself.

Please give my regards to Daddy

Wish him good health and prosperous in business

Baby Daughter

(translated by Ben)



聽見小寶寶的誕生真是為之一振,告訴眾人,大家都為你而開心,不知買什麼來祝賀你們,只有買了這三個全家福,祝你們幸福快樂,我最喜歡那個玩具(SHELA)背著的男娃娃,還有,那個帶草帽的男童,你說似不似亞舅呢?傻傻地,又像FISHER MAN,哈哈!你唔想認都唔得啦!相信小寶貝已有很多頭髮,究竟他似否亞舅呢?最緊要不要像你那樣--傻傻地,就好了,一定大後要像佢亞姨我啦(哈哈)--醒目!!相信你們又像當日寄予在我身上的期望放在小寶身上,真是連我也為他緊張起來



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11 years ago
i didnt know barbara had a sister!
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13 years ago
i love to read all the storys. xxx
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