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 Dear Mommy, Uncle & Shela,

Came back for just a few days, & I have started to work for "The New Adventure of Chor Lau Heung". It's really tough to work for ancient drama in hot sunny days.  I have visited an Indian fortune teller who only knows palm-reading in Singapore. Though he didn't know who I was, he could read my past correctly. How amazing was it! I really hope that what he said will come true in the future. He said that I would have another great change when I am 27 & I would reach another peak in my life, He also gave me some advices & forecast. All I can do is to keep all his words in my heart, & see if they will come true in the future. After all, I will be 27 in one year & more. Sometimes, I can't believe I am that old! I find that I am much mature than before in these two years, & my viewpoints towards people & things have changed. This is the process of growing up, right? Thanks God, I am doing great, so don't worry about me.

Mommy has just been to USA, have fun? Originally, Ah Wu wanted to go to UK at the end of this month, but that plan was over. Thus, I asked the daughter of Uncle Leung to bring the stuffs for you all, including camera lens, kid clothing & one pair of swanks for mommy. The big swank represents mommy, & the small one is me, hehee! I have received the pictures from uncle, BB is much bigger & chubbier! I love the picture in which BB wore a hat most, he is just like a doll! I believe he has been spoilt by you all. Anyway, I wish you all healthy, & please take good care. Shela, how are you? Next time, are we going to have a baby girl? Please say hi to Dad!



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