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Dear Mommy, Uncle & Shela,
     This morning I got up very early for outdoor scenes. Fortunately, it is not as hot as before & my part is not the focus, so I can relax a little bit. The production is expected to end in December, but another 40 episodes of a modern drama will take place consecutively. They add up to 80 episodes all together. I think I can not have vacations until next year. Anyway, there will be dramatic change in TVB next year. The Kin Sing production warehouse will be moved to Siu Si, so I may need to buy a car, how troublesome! Moreover, many artists will not renew their contracts with TVB after their contracts expire, including &y Lau, Miu Kiu Wah (Please do not spread this news) & Ken.  It surely will be a big headache to TVB. Anyway, sometimes change is good. For me, I need to earn as much money as I can within these two years in case the environment in TVB becomes tough.

      Regarding security at home, mommy, you really needs to be alert. Do not open the door without identifying the person, & be cautious not to be followed by stalkers. You really make us worry. Uncle, please take care of mommy. Even if you can not go to the new house, please call mommy often. I feel so guilty for doing nothing from distance apart. Uncle, thanks for your help. Mommy, when will you plan to travel to China next year? Please let me know by mail. Also, Uncle, how's your passport? You should do something about it. Now Chu Yu ( Remark: I believe Chu Yu is Barbara's cousin, her uncle's son, " Chu Yu" means spring rain in Chinese)should have British passport, so why don't you ask a lawyer regarding your situation?

      The other day I said that I wanted a god-son, & I immediately thought of your son. How about let him be my god-son? Heehee, I thought mommy might have volunteered before me. Shela, how are you? Please take care of Uncle. Okay, please say hi to Dad.

20th Sep, 1984


  Letter 20■盼望有個契仔~84/09/20  攝於英國黑池 Wanted to have a "god-son"




有一天說起想要個契仔,突然想起你仔仔,不如就契比我啦,嘻嘻,相信媽咪定比我更早留定,Shela,好嗎?請多照顧舅舅,好了,請代問候老豆。                                                                            女兒囡囡上

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