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Dear Mummy, Uncle, Shela:

Candies, clothes, shirts and glasses case Uncle's wife brought back all received. As I was busy, so I only had a tea drinking with her once. She was hurried to leave for mainland. We've arranged to meet again after her back. I'm too busy recently and I was badly bitten by poison mosquito on outdoor shooting last week, whole face red and swell, haven't recovered by now. it broke out again today, because I have to work when it hadn't been fully cured, it occurred up to now. The new adventure of Chor Lau Heung is arranged to release by mid-November, so I can hardly to halt the work. But it is believed that's no way not to see doctor currently. It's so called unexpected outbreak, in addition, everything getting well, don't miss me.

Is everything fine in home these days? Please keep door safely. Uncle, even if you're not free, you'd better to give a phone call to Mummy sometime so as to keep us from worrying about her. I believe the baby must cost you lots of time and hard work, and seeing his growth, it's just the cost of all your hard work, is it? I'm tired and irritated recently, probably I began to suspect my feeling after seeing fortune teller. I don't know if I just borrow trouble at that time, they said I'm sentimental, but I know my analysis is correct. It's just a struggle between sense and sensibility. Kent is very kind to me. So what can I do to a man who didn't do anything wrong, only let it go naturally. Wish I'll be happy under the arrangement of the fate. I often blame myself not to write to ask after you regularly, please forgive me, I'll try to write, just as I was busy and not feeling well these days, Mummy please don't blame me! You should take care of yourself. I'm very worried about you and miss you. It's getting cold, health is important, please convey my regards to Daddy, Shela. Uncle, take care too.

Baby daughter

(translated by Ben, 19-11-2012)





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