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Dear Mummy, Uncle, Shela:

How are you! Hope you like the present Sister Seung took to you. I have no idea what to buy because I bought in a hurry. In addition, I forgot to ask her to take back some post of The New Adventure of Chor Lau Heung too, I have to let Mummy to take back next time you come. Mum you don't need to take money and other things (like Santa Claus) when you come back. Please buy a Scottish checked JACKET short suit for me, because checked jacket is popular as well as those traditional pattern shirts, so this old pattern shirt became fashionable, cost above HKD 500-600 each. It's cold later this year, one sweater is enough, and it'll be colder one month after.

Now the New Adventure of Chor Lau Heung has been played on TV, have you watched? I may go to mainland for three days on 6th of December and return on 9th to open a fashion drama. Another one, I was selected as one of the top 10 TV star again this year and I'll go to City Hall to receive Golden global, are you happy for me? Now the only hope is to join a movie in the next year to satisfy my wish. It's so fast, I've worked in TVB for two and a half years, I always think of time when I entered the field, it was so different with today. Make me feeling I should grasp all of what I have had, because all of this may easily possessed by another one. For "Sink or Swim" makes me worry, fortunately things are going all right temporary, thanks to God, hope he will bless our family, wish you health in physical and mental, and please take care of yourself.

* money you sent me to the surrogate mother, Miss Ng, I won't give them on behalf of you currently, it is better left to you to give them when you come.

Baby Daughter

November 27, 1984

(translated by Ben)


你們好!希望賞姐帶去的禮物,你們喜歡。小小心意。因為買得太匆忙,一時也想不起買甚麼好。此外,應還托帶些楚留香的海報,但也忘了,只有下次媽咪回來時拿去好了,媽咪今次回來,不用帶錢和太多東西(每次都像聖誕老人似的)。如可以的,請買件蘇格蘭格仔JACKET 短西裝褸一件,因今年流行格仔褸和以前很傳統花紋恤衫,所以妳以前的這種圖素恤衫變了時興,要賣五、六百多元一件,今年凍得比較遲一點,現在我們穿一件毛衣已夠,相信再一個月或許會冷一點。





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