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 Date: April 11, 1985

Dear Mum, Uncle, Shela,

How are you doing? I have been back to Hong Kong. My performance in Singapore is over. Beside the performance, I also stayed there for 2 days to visit the city.

Well, I have to come back Hong Kong to work on the play, otherwise, I would rather stay in Singapore than come back to Hong Kong. It was a really happy trip to Singapore. In Singapore, I also bought a pair of earrings for you (her mum). Hopefully, you will like it. I heard that the little brother (I guess her relative) is going to UK in May. I will ask him to bring the earrings to you.

I don't know when I will have a break once the new play starts. I went to consult the fortuneteller whom we consulted last time. The fortuneteller said I had to wait till 31 years old to be able to get married. Well I have to wait 5 more years! That is really hard for me (if I have to wait till 31 years old to get married). By then, Chunxia ( I guess it is her niece's name) is going to start the school. I have to say I have to accept my fate (for having to wait till 31 years old to get married.)

Is Shela's new baby a boy or a girl? How about we make a bet? Actually, the more kids in our family, the better. It is better to have more noise( people) in our family. I believe I should be able to see the new baby by the end of this year. However, Chunxia ( her niece) is still my favorite baby.

That is it. Now I have to go back to the studio to work.

Wish you all happy and harmony.

Mum, you should take care of yourself. I am fine here, don't worry about me, please say hello to Stepfather.

Niu ( Barbara's nick name)


Thanks to Melanie for the translation

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Frank Chan
4 years ago
Hello,Rob,I've heard that Barbara's mother had died in 2017,so,what about her stepfather?Is he still alive?Besides,I want to know her stepfather if have girlfriend or wife before he married with her mother.Thank you,I'm looking for your early reply
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9 years ago
whos shela? everybody?
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9 years ago
Shela is the wife of Barbara's uncle.
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9 years ago
thank you ^^
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