Date: April 11, 1985

Dear Mum, Uncle, Shela,

How are you doing? I have been back to Hong Kong. My performance in Singapore is over. Beside the performance, I also stayed there for 2 days to visit the city.

Well, I have to come back Hong Kong to work on the play, otherwise, I would rather stay in Singapore than come back to Hong Kong. It was a really happy trip to Singapore. In Singapore, I also bought a pair of earrings for you (her mum). Hopefully, you will like it. I heard that the little brother (I guess her relative) is going to UK in May. I will ask him to bring the earrings to you.

I don't know when I will have a break once the new play starts. I went to consult the fortuneteller whom we consulted last time. The fortuneteller said I had to wait till 31 years old to be able to get married. Well I have to wait 5 more years! That is really hard for me (if I have to wait till 31 years old to get married). By then, Chunxia ( I guess it is her niece's name) is going to start the school. I have to say I have to accept my fate (for having to wait till 31 years old to get married.)

Is Shela's new baby a boy or a girl? How about we make a bet? Actually, the more kids in our family, the better. It is better to have more noise( people) in our family. I believe I should be able to see the new baby by the end of this year. However, Chunxia ( her niece) is still my favorite baby.

That is it. Now I have to go back to the studio to work.

Wish you all happy and harmony.

Mum, you should take care of yourself. I am fine here, don't worry about me, please say hello to Stepfather.

Niu ( Barbara's nick name)


Thanks to Melanie for the translation

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