1984 mothersday


"Sending my deepest thoughts to my forever mom.  Allow me to grow up. Allow me to compare myself to a flower. My dearest mom promise me the sun and water source that brings me to life. Tho I'm ignorant and naive, as long as there is mother's warming love, I will find mother's unconditional love. No matter if I'm true pureness or naive. Warm love and hope comes together. Flower so pretty will blossom beautifully. Water provides life to flower as sun provides unlimited warm love and hope. It can not live without nor lose it's only needs to survive. No matter I'm young pretty or cute, flower is young pretty and cute just like people."

Basically, Barbara wants to tell her mom to forgive her for her immatureness and that she realized that she can only get unconditional love from her dearest mom.
(thanks to Kammi for the translation)


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