1984 October: Unknown magazine

1984 October: General Weekly

1984 October 3: Active TV Weekly

1984 October 5: Newspaper article, "Kent Tong being very good at making love scenes".

1984 October: Lee Chi wedding

1984 October 11: Newspaper article, "Yung Mei Ling will work with Tony Leung in the new teleplay".

1984 October 14: Newspaper article, "Kent Tong has not forgotten about television career."

1984 October 16: Newspaper article (translated), “Tong Chun Yip has his reasons to avoid talking about Yung Mei Ling. Tong Chun Yip explains the rumour about the status of their relationship. He talks less in order to stop rumours 避談翁美玲實有苦衷.湯鎮業解釋情變.少發言免

1984 October 17: playing with other stars in a folk music ensemble

1984 October 18: Newspaper article (translated), "Yung Mei Ling says she wouldn't mind if Tong Chun Yip takes part in sexual scene if he told her about it in advance. 不介意湯鎮業演床上戲.翁美玲說他已問過."

1984 October 19: Newspaper picture, "Singapore, guest by conference".

1984 October 20: Newspaper article, "Yung Mei Ling stung by mosquitoes".

1984 October 21: Wingpao weekly

1984 October 23: Tony TV

1984 October 25: Barbara performing in vibrant star show (subtitled)

1984 October 30: Newspaper article (translated), “Yung Mei Ling is more famous than Tong Chun Yip. Tong Chun Yip feels stressed and uncomfortable about it. 翁美玲知名度較高.湯鎮業感壓力難受.”

1984 October: Magazine Ming Pao

Barbara's letter 27 October 1984







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