1982 September: Pictures of Yung Mei Ling attending the "Woman today" meeting at Grand Stanford hotel.

1982 September: Magazine article written by Yung Mei Ling, 'I wish I were a happy child (但願我是幸願兒)'

1982 September 9: Newspaper article: "Woman Today" wants to increase their ratings.

1982 September 20: Magazine article: "Audition by TVB-serie "Thirteen sisters""

1982 September: Magazine Article written by Yung Mei Ling 'The Fountain of Happiness (快樂的泉源)'

1982 September 25: Pictures of Yung Mei Ling taken during the filming of the Taiwan Celebration promotional video for TVB

1982 September 25: Cover magazine TV News Weekly 387

Barbara's letter late september 1982

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