Barbara could be very patient, especially when she working on a drawing. She could sit hours non-stop working on a very detailed part of a drawing. Barbara liked to make her drawings were very detailed, she often used color pencils. Barbara was the opposite behind the steering wheel of a car.

In 1978 Barbara passed her driving exam (2nd try). Her mother bought her a car. It was English made, a small ordinary, dark green car. Barbara used this car to come to school and of course for driving everybody around. None of our friends had a car, this was a luxury for all of us. Life became such a lot easier having a car. We could go to nice places together. We used the car a lot to transport food, drinks, people and animals. We didn't take good care of that car. It got scratched a lot and I can't remember that the car was ever cleaned (inside and outside). For us it was just a means of transport. I don't think Barbara’s mother realized how much pleasure she had given us with that car (and the free petrol).

Barbara was very impatient driver. I am a very slow driver, she couldn't stand that. Therefore every time we were in the car together she was driving. The strange thing is that this still happens. My girlfriend always drives.
Once we were late for a party. In front of us drove a mother carefully (and a bit slow) because she had a few kids jumping around on the backseat. Barbara kept on complaining about her driving. I asked Barbara what would she do if she had kids in the car. She said: 'even if I have seven kids in this car I certainly wouldn't drive like that!'.

Barbara was invited for an interview by the Central School of Art in London. This interview would determine whether she would be admitted for the following year. A very important interview for both of us. We decided to go by her car. Barbara was a bit late, she tried to make up for the lost time by driving faster . Those days there was no free way from Cambridge to London just provincial roads. Just behind the village Royston, the road made slight turn going downhill. At that point Barbara lost control of the car, the car spinned round, hit the shrubs beside road and stopped. The car was damaged, we were a shaken. There was a lot of pieces of plants and soil on the road. The left front wheel was damaged. We called a local garage and they managed to fix the car in a way that we could continue our journey to London.

Instead of being glad that the car was fixed, Barbara complained to me that she had to pay so much for so little work (a typical Barbara statement). Instead of parking the car in the outskirts of London and then taking the underground, Barbara drove straight through the centre and parked the car on a reserved parking space for employees in front of the entrance of the Art college (she didn't care) and had her interview. I think we were very lucky that day, especially if you think that Barbara wasn't wearing a seatbelt.








(translated by Julia)



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