I don't really know if Barbara had many admirers. I didn't notice it. I don't think she ever got any cards or letters or presents from admirers. Her family tried to fix meetings with Chinese guys. One boy was the son of the richest Chinese family in Cambridge and about the same age as Barbara. Several times there were meetings organized. Barbara went to these meetings as she didn't want to insult that family or her own family. At these meetings she played the part of the sweet and respectable daughter.

She would get annoyed if someone made a compliment when I was around. I remember one time when we went to the cinema in London, the boy who collected the tickets was continuing staring at her. When Barbara gave her ticket to him he said 'God you are beautiful'. Barbara got very angry at him. She said that he should be ashamed of himself and this was no way to treat a customer.



(thanks to Natalie for the translation)


# RE: Did Barbara have many admirers?Guest 2010-07-05 14:00
I suppose she would have many more suitors if she was in an Asian country. I find Westerners have different sense of beauty. As a Singaporean, Barbara strikes me as a very pretty and really decent gal. Plus she has good taste in guys, and her makeup & clothing still looks great after so many years. From a single-parent family, she probably matured fast, and it's perfectly normal for her to have a few boyfriends at a young age. We will always miss her.
# RE: Did Barbara have many admirers?Guest 2010-08-07 08:22
The matchmaking arrangements sound so much like her character Ho To Wan in 'United We Stand', and her reaction sounds similar too.

I'm surprised that she had a big reaction at the ticket-collector though. I thought a praisal is no harm. She must have considered your feelings a lot to scold the ticket-collector. Or maybe the ticket-collector has been doing more than staring at her + praising her?
# 223miss 2013-11-04 12:11
:lol: Thus, Barbara is a very traditional Chinese girl
# RE: 4. Did Barbara have many admirers? Barbara有很多追求者么?Olivie 2014-10-15 04:33
she too overreacted to the ticket boy.

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