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In 2016 [DBC digital radio 7] Xu Rongrong

May 27 program part 3

Xu talked about Weng Meiling taking photos for weekly magazine. Reporters once helped to find different styles of clothes for her in Wangjiao women's street

Xu Rongrong: when I was a journalist, I visited Weng Meiling once. Weng Meiling said to me, "ah Xu, it's terrible! I've worn all my shirts. I can't afford to buy any new ones! "

Because the shirts of her time were private. In Weng Meiling's time, the way we thought with her was: we helped her to buy T-Shirts and skirts in women's street. But who of us took photos with her? We didn't have the money to buy expensive T-shirts, and we didn't have sponsors from sponsors. If it was not popular, we had to send out private gangsters. Every reporter helped her buy clothes. The photo was to buy some cheap ones, but we'll buy some distinctive t-shirts for her. Let's go and buy her some T-shirts for dozens of yuan (cheap export) a lot, but every time the photo is different. Every time the photo is new, maybe the T-shirt is only 20 yuan, or the second-hand shirt that others don't want. At that time, they often exchange to wear, but each time they wear different clothes on Weng Meiling.

How was a sexy photo taken once? She is wearing a pair of jeans, the upper part of which is round, like a rainbow, all the upper body is not wearing, that is, only wearing jeans shirt, but in fact, because that shirt is the same, we think it is necessary for her to wear three identical shirts to take photos, but I don't have a T-shirt. When we want to do the portrait shooting

Of course, my family is not so bad. We "new evening news" of course is very decent, just wear T-shirts, but ah, one said, "put down less jeans, come down..." That's different. If you put it down, it's another feeling. It's not so high or low. It's another graphic.

Then one said, "take it all off.". Take off all the T-shirts and underwear, but cover up some (important parts), so shoot some sexy ones! I remember that the magazine shot the shape is not revealing, but very sexy, Weng Meiling can accept, because she is back from abroad! But I didn't hate it at all. It was very beautiful. All the reporters at that time loved the artists so much that they would not let the audience think that they were so bad. We still thought that the cover was very beautiful! But in fact, it is because there is no change of shirt!

This story tells you that you are an actor in the Cantonese Opera circle. You can see those big chefs who come out of the backstage with a star flavor. What's the answer?! It's because they're neat. They know what their style is, so they keep it, and they're neat.

(Translated by Baidu translator)

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016年【DBC數碼電台第7台 戲曲一周 - 戲曲台】 徐蓉蓉 @蓉蓉細語
5月27日節目 Part 3 戲語蓉蓉

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因為她那個年代的衫是私伙的,翁美玲那個年代,我們和她想的辦法是:我們幫她去”女人街“(旺角區通菜街之俗稱)買T恤買裙。但我們哪位跟她拍照,我們又沒有錢買名貴的衫,又沒有 sponsor 贊助,不流行的,要出動私伙,我們每一位記者幫她買衫影相就是買一些價格平的衫,但我們就去買一些有特色的T恤給她,幾十元一件吧,Outlet (出口廉價的)很多的,但是每次影相都有不同的,每次影相都要是新的,可能那件T恤只是20元的,或那件是別人不要的二手衫,當時經常交換來穿的,但穿在翁美玲身上每次都不同衫的。


當然我那家沒那麼差勁,我們”新晚報“當然很正派,就穿T恤的,但是啊,有一家就説:“放下少少牛仔褲下來啦…” 那就不同啊,放下來那就是另一種感覺,拍的不那麼高或低,又另一個graphic (圖像)了。




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