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Radio Hong Kong's programme: TV in half a century

Cheng Naigen, a senior TV man, invited all previous generations of TV industry to review the TV situation with the audience for half a century

On 2015-10-18 en 2015-10-28 he spoke with Felix Wong


Excerpt from Chengs  interview with Felix Wong on Weng Meiling:

06:35 Yeah. You've played a lot of plays. Many of them are top-notch and classic.

06:42 [Felix]  Well.

06:42 One of them is called the legend of the Shooting Heroes.

06:45 [Felix] Oh.

Do you have an impression.

06:47 [Felix] this episode is really - and "Tianlong Babu", which I will never forget in my life.

06:51 OK, let's talk about why you are so unforgettable later. But I am very curious to know about a person, I still miss a person. She co stars with you. Her name is Weng Meiling. Why do I miss her so much? Because I am also very reluctant to her death.

07:06 [Felix] Yes.

07:07 Because after she ran for Hong Kong sister, both the producer and the company wanted her to take part in the performance. Do you remember a man named "Sister Rosa"?

07:16 [Felix] I remember.

07:16 [Cheng] from the public relations department, with Weng Meiling

07:18 [Felix]  sister Hong Kong's nanny.

07:19 Yes, sister Hong Kong's nanny. She came to me with (Weng), "Cheng sir, Cheng sir, Weng Meiling is going to have an audition. Can she do this?" Remember——

07:28 [Felix] I remember a lot of girls auditioned for the role of Huang Rong.

07: 32 She is one of them. She and Rosa said to me, "Cheng sir, can you help her practice her lines?" And bring me a script. If you have her part, I'll try my lines with her. That time, I seemed to be the only chance to have a face-to-face conversation with her. Later, I learned about her situation. Sometimes when I said hello at the company, I didn't have the opportunity to chat with her in such detail. Well, I'd like to know, Warsaw - what impression do you have of this character and character when they were performing in this series? This girl.

08:11 [Felix] Er - now I think of the process of her coming out, which is quite similar to mine. Although she is a Hong Kong elder sister, she soon becomes the heroine of the TV series. Think of it, it's the same situation as I was two years ago. Maybe we'll feel better. Besides, after nearly 8 months of shooting, we all got together every day and found that the girl was very smart, similar to the role of Huang Rong. When she doesn't have to film, she communicates well with everyone. Her interpersonal relationship is great. At the same time, she is very good at coaxing the elders to be happy. Everyone likes her very much. She is more happy to open a trade union with her. Those elders would take care of her and teach her how to act. I think she's such a smart girl.

09: 04 Yeah. Her death, I think, may also be related to her mood. Is it easy for her to express her emotions in the process of work? Or a little girl who always makes others feel happy?

09:18 [Felix]  I really seldom see her unhappy. Unhappy things - it may be that the shooting time is long, I feel tired, and I may get hurt, because I often get hurt in shooting It's these unhappy things. Usually (she) is very happy, is a happy fruit. She can make the whole atmosphere very harmonious, she is not afraid of losses, not afraid of - that is, those elders often talk about (play some not serious jokes), tease her She didn't care and played with her. In terms of acting, Liu Dan and Qin Huang taught her a lot, and I can and sometimes teach her a word or two. She taught me the other way around.

09: 59 What did she teach you?

10:00 [Felix] She taught me a lot about interpersonal relationships.

10: 06  But her age at that time and your age,

10: 08 [Felix] a little bit older than me.

10:09  It's a little older than you.

10:10 [Felix] Well. A little bit older. I think she has a good interpersonal relationship and handles it very well. "Don't keep silent all day. Sometimes you say hello and chat with others. Even if I'm tired, I'll socialize with others. You always want to sleep. " But I was really tired, I fell asleep. "No, if you talk to others more, they will teach you more." She's going to teach me about relationships in reverse.

10:35 What a surprise. A new man.

10:37 [Felix] very clever, very clever.

10:39  A girl who is so happy, so smooth in dealing with people, but she is in love——

10:44  [Felix] Yes, it's hard to do such a thing.

10:46  It's really like that song: it's hard to break through love.

10:49 [Felix] Yes.

10:50 It's a pity and a pity.

10:52  [Felix] It's a pity. Now let's look back on the past. In fact, this is a very small matter. If it's not suitable, break up and find a second one. But at that time, maybe the girl's view of love was the first.

11:07 Every one is Romeo and Juliet.

11:09 [Felix] mmm. She doesn't know how to share her unhappy experiences with others, so we don't know.

11:15 [Cheng] alas——

11:16 [Felix] If she's willing to say it, maybe it's not the end.

11:19 Well, it's just a slip of the tongue.

Translated by Baidu translator

Source: https://m.weibo.cn/status/4553201900849464

Source podcasts: https://podcasts.rthk.hk/podcast/item.php?pid=486&eid=61944&year=2015&list=1&lang=en-US

and https://app3.rthk.hk/podcast/media/tv_history/486_1510161632_18560.mp3

(thank you Jade for letting me know about this podcast)




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節錄 程乃根 訪問@黃日華翁美玲的內容:

06:35 【程】嗯。你演过很多戏,很多戏都是重头的剧集,是经典的剧集。
06:42 【华】嗯。
06:42 【程】其中一套就叫《射雕英雄传》。
06:45 【华】哦。
06:46 【程】你有印象吧。
06:47 【华】这套剧集真是——还有《天龙八部》,我这辈子都难忘。
06:51 【程】好,待会儿说说你为什么会这么难忘。但是我就很好奇想知道的一个人,我仍然很挂念的一个人。她和你一块合演的,她就叫翁美玲。为什么我会对她那么挂念呢?因为我也很舍不得她离世。
07:06 【华】是。
07:07 【程】因为她竞选完港姐后,监制或者公司方面都希望她能去参与演出。有一个人叫“罗莎姐”的,你记不记得?
07:16 【华】记得。
07:16 【程】公关部的,带着翁美玲
07:18 【华】港姐的保姆。
07:19 【程】是,港姐的保姆。她带着(翁)来找我,“程Sir程Sir,翁美玲将要去试镜,试一试她可不可能演这套戏。”记得——
07:28 【华】我记得当时有很多女孩去试镜黄蓉这个角色的。
07:32 【程】她是其中一个。她、罗莎姐就跟我说:“程Sir,你可不可以帮她练一下台词?”还给我拿来一个剧本。有她的戏份的,我就和她试试台词。那一次,我好像是唯一的一次,可以和她面对面交谈的机会。后来,我知道她的情况,有时候在公司(见面)打个招呼,就没有机会再那么详细地和她聊天。那么我很想知道,华仔——你觉得,这个角色、这个人物,在当时参加演出这个剧集时,你有什么印象呢?这个女孩。
08:11 【华】呃——现在想起来她冒出来的过程,和我挺类似的。虽然是港姐,但很快当上电视剧的女主角。想起来,和我两年前是差不多的情形,可能大家的感觉会强一点。还有,经过近8个月的拍摄,大家每天都在一起,发现这个女孩很厉害——聪明伶俐,和黄蓉这个角色差不多。她平时不用拍戏时,和大家沟通得很好,她人际关系是很棒的。同时,她很会哄前辈开心,所有人都很喜欢她的,和她开工会比较开心的。那些前辈会呵护她,教她怎么演。我觉得她真是很聪明的女生。
09:04 【程】嗯呐。她的离世,我想可能也跟她的情绪有关。她平时工作过程中情绪的喜怒哀乐很容易表现出来?还是永远让别人感觉是欢乐的小女孩?
09:18 【华】我真的很少看见她不开心的。不开心的事——可能就是拍摄时间长、觉得累,可能会受伤,因为拍打戏经常受伤的了……是这些不开心的事。平时(她)很开心,是个开心果。她可以使得整个气氛很融洽,她不怕吃亏、不怕——就是那些前辈经常口花花(开些不够正经的玩笑),逗她玩……她不计较的,跟着一块玩。演戏方面,前辈刘丹,秦煌教导她很多,我也会、有时会搭嘴教她一两句的。拍戏之外,她倒过来教我。
09:59 【程】哎——她教你什么?
10:00 【华】做人的道理咯,那些人际关系啊,她教我很多的。
10:06 【程】可是她当时的年龄和你的年龄,
10:08 【华】大我一点点。
10:09 【程】比你大一点点的。
10:10 【华】嗯。大一点点。我觉得她人际关系很好,处理得很出色。“你不要整天不吭声,有时候跟别人打声招呼、聊一聊天嘛。就算累也应酬一下别人嘛。你老是想着睡。”可我真的很累,趴下我就睡着了。“不是,你和别人多聊一聊,别人就会多教导你一些。”她会倒过来教我这些(关于)人际关系的东西。
10:35 【程】真是想不到,一个新人。
10:37 【华】很聪明,很聪明。
10:39 【程】一个那么欢乐的姑娘,待人处世那么圆滑,但是遇到情关——
10:44 【华】是啊,这种事真是难办。
10:46 【程】真的好像那首歌唱的那样:情关很难闯得过。
10:49 【华】是。
10:50 【程】那这个就很可惜、很可惜的事。
10:52 【华】很可惜。现在我们回首以前的事,其实这是很小的事。不合适就分手,再找第二个嘛。可是那个年代,可能少女的那个爱情观是放第一位的。
11:07 【程】每一出都是罗密欧与朱丽叶。
11:09 【华】嗯。她也不懂去跟别人分享她不开心的经历,我们就不知道。
11:15 【程】唉——
11:16 【华】她要是肯说出来,或者可能不是这样的结局。
11:19 【程】嗯,一念之差。


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