Since Yung Mei Ling started a fan club, there has been a lot of news about her fans with her.  Yesterday, a group of fans celebrated Yung Mei Ling's birthday with her.

Isn’t she interested in it?  She had gone to consult fortune teller.  The fortune teller told her that she would get married late. Besides, a late marriage would give her an advantage.  Yung Mei Ling truly believes this fortune teller so she does not consider to get married soon therefore she did not mention it on her birthday.  The most important thing in her mind is her career.

She told the journalist that she is curious about the birthday gift to be given by Yung Mei Ling's boyfriend "Kent Tong”. However, until now, Yung Mei Ling did not receive a gift from Kent Tong. So the journalist does not know what Kent’s gift is.

Yesterday, Kent Tong did not attendYung Mei Ling's birthday ceremony.  Yung Mei Ling explained that he was busy with his work so he did not have time to attend.

Although Yung Mei Ling did not receive Kent's gift, her mother send her a birthday gift from UK. It is a beautiful shirt.  Yung Mei Ling said she does not encourage her fans to give her expensive gifts.

Today is Yung Mei Ling's birthday, she plans to be with Kent Tong and friends and go to a disco after work to celebrate.

At the birthday ceremony, Yung Mei Ling sighed that she did not celebrate her birthday the last 6 years.  However, this year, she wanted to celebrate her birthday with her fans and with Kent Tong.  She is pleased to celebrate this present moment.

Although Yung Mei Ling did not mention her age, research shows she should be 26 years old now.

(thanks to Kitty for finding and translating this article)

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