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Yung Mei Ling’s nickname is “Coma”

For the sake of completing the filming as soon as possible, she lost 5 lbs in weight.

Letters from fans give her lots of encouragement 


For the sake of completing filming the second part of “The Legend of the Condor Heroes” namely “Dōng Xié Shī Dú” as soon as possible, Yung Mei Ling has lost 5 lbs in weight.  She has slimmed down her round face and she has a new nickname “Coma”.

Why do they call you “Coma”?

With a smile she says: “In the past, I did not have enough time to sleep so I hid myself in the dressing room and got some sleep on the sofa there.  It didn’t matter how noisy it was, I was still half asleep.  I was ridiculed by them as my sleep is a coma-like sleep.  So they call me “Coma” 

The happiest moments for Yung Mei Ling are when she opens her TVB’s mail box.  Then she will find many letters from fans.

She says: “Every night, when I read those letters on my bed, I am very touched.  Even though I work hard till overnight, it is worth working hard for. To me, mental health is the greatest return "

(Thanks to Kitty for sending me and translating this article)

Newspaper Name: 星島日報
Date: 1983年5月2日

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