From Weaver to Hibiscus: A Retrospective Interview in 1987

Interviews with Yung Mei Ling
K-100 Pictorial No. 20 - 1982 Interview - Hong Kong TV Special Edition - 1987 Retrospective Interview

She has been dead for two years, but the most unforgettable thing about her is her pretty face. I remember that when she was running for Miss Hong Kong, she said she wanted to be a successful textile designer, but I believe her dream of becoming a weaver will not be fulfilled for the time being. However, her confidence and determination make me believe that she will succeed, no matter what she chooses!

When she was running for Miss Hong Kong, she was just for a holiday in Hong Kong living in the UK and said she liked the life in Hong Kong, so she would see what was in store for her and if it suited her, she might stay for a long time.

As a result, she left her diploma in textile design and stayed in Hong Kong to join TVB. Initially, she hosted "Women's New Look", and to her surprise, she adapted quickly and was calm and comfortable in her appearances. It seems that television work suits her personality and I believe she has enjoyed herself during the year.

I remember one time, Mrs Lee, who teaches cooking, said in a casual conversation that Yung Mei Ling would have a good career in the entertainment industry.

Sure enough, soon afterwards, the roles of the twin griots in 13 Girls and Huang Rong in The Legend of the Eagles fell into her lap. For a newcomer, her fortune was enviable. But at the same time, there are a thousand pairs of eyes on her, watching her make mistakes and picking out her flaws.

Yung Mei Ling said "I know that I am not good enough in terms of acting skills and experience, so I have to spend ten times more time and effort than others to learn. If people ask me how I got the role of Huang Rong, I can only answer that I was lucky. But in the days to come, I'm going to have to work harder than anyone else. I have to face people with my performance and tell them that the role has not been wasted."

She speaks with a certain determination, despite her delicate appearance. She is undoubtedly working very hard, and the audience can even feel her dedication in front of the screen. It is an undeniable fact that she is struggling. At first she is very deliberate in her acting, and the effect is unnatural, but gradually she gets into it and does it properly. She is as smart and clever as Huang Rong in Jin Yong's novel.

I believe that with time she will become a skilled actress, and her first performance gives us all confidence that she is good material. I hope she can play a part in a fashion drama after she finishes shooting "The Eagle".

"I think you can't be limited in your role, otherwise you won't have a long artistic life," she says.

Yung Mei Ling has been in television for a long time, and she sighed at the time about the job.
"It's not easy to be an actress nowadays! It's not just acting," she said. It turns out that she was not satisfied with what she had achieved.

"I wish God had given me five more years of youth, five years younger, it would have been a different story."
She feels that in addition to acting, an artist has to have talent and courage in all aspects of her life. If the company has an announcement to sing, dance or perform a dangerous act, she must have the courage to accept the challenge.

Apart from her career, her love, her loving mother and grandfather, and her mortgage, she feels that she has not lost anything at all in these years. She has only one regret: God did not grant her prayers and did not give her five extra years of youth.

Source:  Hong Kong TV Special Reporter - Siu Wah



◎K-100畫報第20期.1982訪談內文 ◎香港電視特刊.1987回顧訪談內文
她已逝世兩年,最使人忘不了的是俏黃蓉的模樣,當年寫這篇訪問稿的時候,正是她演藝事業的開始,沒想到.... 記得翁美玲在參選港姐的當兒,曾表示希望當一個成功的紡織設計師,但相信她這個織女夢暫時是無法實現了。不過,她的信心與堅定的意志令我相信她是會成功的,無論她選擇的是什麼!












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