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Auntie remembering Weng Meiling as a child

This article was written down by Loulan. It was written in September 2001 when Loulan called to check on Weng Meilings family.


I started by asking her if they wanted a girl, because both of of her children were sons.

Shella (Weng Meiling's aunt) said, "No, I don't think so."

I asked, "Didn't her uncle like girls?"

Shella said: "When I had my first child (in 1984), her uncle had never thought of having a girl, not even a girls name."

I said, "Why not? He loves Weng Meiling, doesn't he? Girls are so cute!"

Shella said, "It's because it's so hard to bring up Weng Meiling and I'm always worried about her, so I don't dare to have a girl. I had to worry about the boys around her when she grew up. For example, when she was 13 to 14 years old, some of her classmates arranged to meet her at the Tai Wan Shopping Centre in Hong Kong. When she arrived there a few minutes early, she could have stayed there and waited, but her uncle suddenly felt something was wrong, and for no apparent reason, he took Weng Meiling's hand and walked back, saying he wanted to go for tea first. (This was a very famous incident in Hong Kong back then, probably a gang war...)

When she was a child, her family was very rich and lived on a hilltop, and they hired workers to look after her. The workers were supposed to eat different meals from their masters, but Weng Meiling always liked to eat with the workers, eating simple salted fish and eggs, which made her family very angry and even spanked her. At that time, her father had not yet died.

Every day before she went to bed, her mother would feed her a glass of milk and she would hold the milk and behave. Her mother saw her holding the milk, and she went away in peace. Then one day the worker said that every night the young lady poured something down the stairs, and I don't know why, but her mother opened the window downstairs to see what was going on, and she saw little Weng Meiling secretly opening the window and pouring the milk downstairs, thinking no one knew. She thought no one knew.

Later, when Weng Meiling went to primary school, the family worker made a nice sandwich for her to take to school for lunch every day. Later, when Weng Meiling's mother went to a parents' meeting, she met a parent of one of her classmates who said, "My son has been bragging about your sandwiches every day and now he has grown fat. When she asked her mother, she found out that she didn't like to eat lunch and was afraid of being scolded by her family, so she gave her lunch to a boy classmate every day.

After her father retired, the family was much worse off. But her father pampered her, and Weng Meiling liked to play with his hair (heh...). For example, she used to play with Hong Qi Gong's and Huang Yao Shi's moustaches and hair in Shooting Eagles), he would hold her on a high stool and let her play with it while he read the newspaper and let her cut her hair with scissors.

Although her personality is not exactly the same, her speech, expressions and gestures are the most similar.

Weng Meiling's life had many ups and downs. When she was a child, her family was very well off, but later on, her family fell into disgrace. The other day, Shella complained to me that her sons were useless, and that they could not even be told to cut the grass or take out the rubbish in the garden.

Then I asked her if she used to do these things. She said of course she did, she did everything. She washed the floors, cooked the food and helped in the shop. And when she was at university in London, she used to come home every weekend to help out with ....

When I think about it, I think it's very rare because young people and university students always have a lot of activities and parties on weekends. But Weng Meiling didn't spend many weekends in London during her years at university. She also worked at a McDonald's in London and taught Chinese at the Republican Chinese School.

Her aunt said that whenever Weng Meiling was interviewed, Weng Meiling used to send home newspapers or magazines, videos or whatever. I asked her to send me copies of newspapers and magazines because if she sent them home... she must have seen them herself... without adding too much to them. I think it's more objective to her. I'll be looking forward to it.

I'm in a hurry, so I'll just write this down, so forgive me if it seems confusing

source: http://www.barbarayung.net/








後來阿翁上了小學,每天家裡的工人都做了很好的三明治讓她帶到學校當中午飯。阿翁每天都帶了一個空的飯盒回來,大家都以為她吃了,後來阿翁的媽媽去開家長會, 碰到一個同學家長,然後人家就說,我兒子天天都誇你們家的三明治做得很好吃,現在都養的胖胖的。阿翁的媽媽很吃驚,一問之下才知道阿翁不喜歡吃午飯,又怕家人罵,就每天都把飯給一個男同學吃。

她爸爸退休以後,家境就差了很多。但是她爸爸很寵著她,阿翁喜歡玩他的頭髮(呵呵... 看來阿翁從小就有玩別人頭髮的嗜好,比如在射雕裡她經常玩洪七公和黃藥師的鬍子和頭髮),他就抱著阿翁讓她坐在高凳上玩,自己拿著報紙看,一邊放心的讓小阿翁在頭上拿著剪刀亂剪一氣,反正也不工作了,不用出門會不好意思。







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