Yung Mei Ling and Wong Yat-Wah return from Europe

Interview with Yvonne]

On June 23rd, Yung Mei Ling, Wong Yat-Wah, Metro, Alice Lau and Derek Poon went to Europe to sing for more than 10 days. "During that time, you didn't see him, how did you feel that you hadn't seen him every day?" I ask Yung Mei Ling, using an old phrase. She returned to Hong Kong on 13 July and immediately spoke to me over the phone about her experience and insights on the trip.

"I don't think about anything when I'm working, but when I'm in the hotel and I'm quiet, I feel this way," she says.

"So, how many phone calls did you have?"

"Just two or three, and that was after I'd finished at the stage, I made them when I was in England for a holiday."

"Did Tom pick up the plane today?"

"Yes!" Her voice was sweet and heartfelt.

"What did you buy for Kent Tong?"

At first she refused to tell me, thinking it was a private matter between them and there was no need to make it public, but when I asked her repeatedly, she finally said, "A shirt!"

Yung Mei Ling has lived in England for eight years. Her mother and uncle are now living there. So she was thrilled to have her friends and family there to support her when she appeared on stage. She said happily, "It turns out that audiences in the UK have been able to buy the video of 'The legend of the Eagle' up to episode six. So they were very familiar with my name, and when I met them on stage, they all felt very close to me."

"Has your mum asked you about your relationship with Kent?"

"I've told her a little bit, she's very comfortable with me. She rarely asked me about anything."

The next time she goes to England to visit her relatives, will Kent go with her? While she was in England, she attended her uncle's wedding. As she had few relatives, apart from her mum, her uncle was the closest person to her, and as he turned 40 this year, she jumped for joy at the news.

"What did you get him?

"A pair of gold piglets."

It's very good.

"I'm a pig."

"He said it would be great if he could have a piglet in time," she said with a smile.

The pair of gold pigs were worth several thousand dollars and she bought her mother a watch, as well as melon seeds and jellyfish, which she loved.

After leaving the UK, they went to France and the Netherlands. They sang five shows (three in Holland) and made about HK$20,000, but she bought her family some hand-me-downs. "Tell me something funny about being on stage!"

"Nothing interesting, but the fans were very enthusiastic about us and we received a lot of flowers at every show. I was really touched by the applause we got from them on stage."

"You must have been surrounded when you left the stage!"

"Yes, whenever we left, fans and singers would swarm us. We were asked to sign autographs and take photos. So I brought hundreds of photos, but they weren't enough."

"Did you get kissed or had your clothes ripped by enthusiastic fans?"

"Oh, nothing like that. The fans over there were very polite. We talk to them, we smile, we say hello, and they're very happy."

Then she added: "But some fans do call us at the hotel. When I picked up the phone, I would pretend to be rude and say, "Weng Meiling has gone to the stage!
She has left here!"
She couldn't help but laugh after that.

"Did any foreigners watch your show?"

"Yes!" she said with a certain air of confidence. "They said we were very proud of our costumes and that's why they came to see us."

"One day I was having afternoon tea in a restaurant in France when a young Vietnamese girl, about 20 years old, came up to me and spoke to me in English.          She even called me 'Rong-er'! So much for her role in The Legend of the Eagle of War with Wong Yat-wa, which was well received by overseas Chinese, and her role as Huang Rong has stuck in their minds.

When Hong Kong artists go on stage in the area, they have to attend entertainment events in addition to singing, but this time they did not have to entertain at all when they went to Europe.

"I am afraid of socializing. I'm afraid I wouldn't be so happy if I had to have dinner or a snack with all those people at night," Weng said playfully.

"Do you like France?" Many people say France is romantic and a place that girls like to visit.

"France is not as beautiful and romantic as I thought. Maybe it's because there are too many people. She says, "I always prefer England, the men are polite and respectful, and there is no racism, so I guess it's a preconception."

Although she likes French fashion, she didn't have much time to shop at the company and the prices were very expensive, so she only bought two outfits and two pairs of shoes.

When she came back from her holiday, she went back to TVB to take a leave of absence and was officially informed that she would be performing in Timothy Lee's fashion drama 'The Sandwich Man' in August. Thirteen Sisters' is her first TV drama and 'Legend of the Eagle' is an old-fashioned drama, so it's a new challenge for her to act in Timothy Lee's fashion drama!

"I don't know, I'll just do my best." She sounded confident, however.

Whether she is pretty or not is a matter of opinion, but one thing is for sure: she has been accepted by the general audience!


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情報周刊 NO45 p14~15 筆者:楊明芯

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