Do  Yung Mei Ling and Kent Tong fight behind closed doors?

[Interview with Yawng Neiwen]

The phone kept ringing at her home. It was hard for Miss  Yung Mei Ling to get up and pick up the receiver. I gave my name and immediately told her what I wanted to know.
I said, "There's something I want to ask you face to face."

Hearing the seriousness of the situation,  Yung Mei Ling's spirits lifted and she asked nervously.
"I've just come back from filming and I'm very tired, so please tell me what's going on."

"Can we come out and talk about it?"

"I'm going to report to the Duke of Zhou. I'll meet you at the coffee house in three hours. Can I meet you there?"

I arrived at the coffee house on time, and soon afterwards,  Yung Mei Ling arrived in a hurry, and she said, panting like a cow.
"We only have half an hour to talk, I've got an announcement and I have to work again."

I opened the door and asked, "Do you and Kent Tong often fight behind closed doors?"

 Yung Mei Ling asked with wide eyes, "Why do you ask me that? Who told you that?"

I told her the source of the information. I said, "I have a friend who lives next door to you, and she told me. Yung Mei Ling was amused, but she covered her mouth and said, "With your powers of observation, do I look like someone who wants to fight? Kent and I are grown-ups, we wouldn't be so childish. If we did fight, Kent would be a boy and I would be a girl, so I wouldn't be a match for him."

Since Lau Wing beat his wife, fights and quarrels have become a hot topic among couples in the industry, and it's not surprising to hear from the roadside news agency that  Yung Mei Ling and Kent Tong are fighting. I looked up and down at  Yung Mei Ling and noticed that she had lost a lot of weight and her face was even more haggard. Why is her face so thin?"

 Yung Mei Ling took a sip of tea and said, "I'm not unhappy, I'm in a good mood, but even an iron man would lose weight after working day and night on a movie."

I teased her and said, "Isn't it because I've been playing too much mahjong all night?"

 Yung Mei Ling squeezed a reluctant smile on her face. "I'm so tired that even if I win the mahjong game, I won't play mahjong! I'd better go and talk to the God of Zhou sometime."

 Yung Mei Ling was so tired, she had always been very enthusiastic about fighting in the Quadrangle, but now she said she would rather go to God of Zhou than open a table.

"Kent Tong once blamed you for playing mahjong all the time. Is that true?"

"I don't deny it. I like to play mahjong very much and I like to go out with some friends. But sometimes when there's an extra person, Kent will always quit on his own, so how can you say I'm leaving him out?"

"You have to open a table, so Kent is forced to find another show, and when he has no one else to go with, he goes to Sandra Ng. Are you comfortable with Kent being with her?"

"It's not that I don't know Sandra Ng, we're all friends anyway."

"Did you say anything to Kent when it was rumoured that he was dating Sandra Ng?

"No, because we are all in the entertainment business, so I understand that there is a lot of trouble in this business."

Although she kept her eyes on the flowers on the table and didn't look at me, I could tell from her tone of voice and expression that she didn't like the fact that I was associating Kent Tong's name with another girl. "Are you angry with Sandra Ng?"

 Yung Mei Ling shook her head and said, "No, I am not angry with her. You should know that I am happy and angry, I laugh when I am happy and cry when I am unhappy, I don't pretend and I don't hide."

I know that  Yung Mei Ling is quick to speak and I have a question I have always wanted to ask her and now I have the chance. "Some people in the industry say that you have contempt for Kent Tong..."

Before she could finish her sentence,  Yung Mei Ling asked, "Who is that person in the circle? Why do you say that?"

I said, "You don't have to care who that person is. The most important thing is what do you think about this statement?

 Yung Mei Ling said seriously, "How can I despise him? What is so despicable about Kent? What's so great about me? There is no basis for saying that I despise him."

"In terms of education, you're a university student and he's not half as educated as you are."

 Yung Mei Ling sniggered: "Is there still a song about a family being right for each other? I'm a university student, but Kent's education isn't too bad, he's also a secondary school graduate, and he's earning a really good income at the moment, and he's been working hard for years, so he's very motivated."

"But he's always given the impression of being a flirt and insecure, so you've never been seen as a couple." I told her frankly.

 Yung Mei Ling defended Kent by saying, "Actually, Kent is not that flamboyant, but his image on TV is often that of a traitor, which is why he is misunderstood by outsiders.  If you get to know him, you'll understand that he's not a bad guy."

"When he's in bed and flirting with the lead actress in a movie, do you see the 'hot eyes'?

"I'm also a movie actor, so I don't understand. I'm always in love with Miu in movies. After all, acting is acting, reality is reality, and we can't compare."

"I understand that your Missy is very sharp, can he stand it?

 Yung Mei Ling said, "People often say I have a Missy's temper, but when have I ever had a Missy's temper? I'm not a spirited woman, so why should he put up with it?"

"When are you going to walk into the church?"

At this point,  Yung Mei Ling looked at her watch and said hurriedly "Oh, I've got time to go to work. I'll leave that question for another time, shall I?"

Since she was in a hurry, there was nothing I could do, so I had to leave the question of the marriage between  Yung Mei Ling and Kent Tong for another time.

Source: Intelligence Weekly
Intelligence Weekly NO.104 p61-64

Written by
Yeh Ching Ching│Cover Photo: Yang Han Chang


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情報周刊 NO.104  p61-64


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