[Interview with Yvonne]

"I've got half a day to spare, I've got time for real money!"

Yung Mei Ling was given an extra ten days off due to the rainy weather, so she made all the arrangements and flew to Singapore to earn extra money.

"In the middle of the month, I found out that I would not have to work for 10 days, so I immediately went to Singapore to pay off my debts. It's funny because I was planning to go there in early May. But I didn't want to waste the 10 days off, so I hastily packed a few shirts and went to Pebang."

Yung Mei Ling was happy for a while when she got back. Of course, a free trip and real money in her pocket, no wonder she was happy!

Yung Mei Ling was on her fourth trip to Southeast Asia and knew the situation there well, so she was not under much pressure.

Two years ago, when Yung Mei Ling was just starting out in the entertainment industry, her role as Huang Rong in "The Legend of the Eagle" was a hit with fans in Hong Kong and Southeast Asia. Yung Mei Ling took the opportunity to go on stage in Thailand with her only set of singing clothes, and went to Thailand with Wong Yat-wah. Speaking of her first time on stage, she said,

"I was actually in a panic, but I've always loved challenges, so when I was on stage, I put my fears behind me and thought, 'I'm not going to make it! So I just put my best foot forward, put on my best face, and that's how I got through it."

"How many shirts did you bring with you to the show? The first time Yung Mei Ling appeared on stage, she had her evening gown custom-made when she was elected as Miss Hong Kong. The story of "one dress for the world" has been spread in the entertainment industry ever since.

"Wow! I'm impressed, you have such a good memory!" Yung Mei Ling couldn't help but laugh when she remembered the situation, "This time I was a bit more 'broad'. I brought three or four sets. Don't think that I was lonely, but I had no choice. In fact, sometimes fans have a strange mentality, they don't care too much about good looks, as long as they can see their idols, they are satisfied. So whenever I go on stage, I don't prepare too many shirts, it's easy and it saves money.

The... Saying the harvest with a smile

"You've got a lot!" Ha, I'm seriously envious of everyone else.

"I'm not!" She's smiling on the other side. "But I've had so many gifts from enthusiastic fans, most of them being cloth dolls." Yung Mei Ling says, half-seriously, half-jokingly.

I've been to her boudoir and I've seen more than a hundred of them, and they've taken over every corner of her "blue corner".

"Do they eat durian for dinner in their country?" There is no local product in Singapore, the only thing that is abundant is durian, and Yung Mei Ling loves durian.

"I don't dare to eat too much of it." said Yung Mei Ling, "Durian is very tonic and if I eat too much of it, I will get drunk. I don't want to be affected by the next day's performance, so I just want to quench my thirst for durian".

In the past,Yung Mei Ling never touched durian for fear of the bad taste.

Many people like Yung Mei Ling because, for one thing, she has a certain level of fame in the industry and, for another, she is a brash and frank person.

"That's not good, I don't know if I've offended anyone, I'm a very careless person, and I'm a big-headed person, and I've had a few arguments with Kent about it."

"Have you seen much of each other lately? Have you had any more fights?" Last month, I went to see the two of them in a dark mood when I visited them at the TVB. The reason was that Yung Mei Ling had forgotten her car keys.

"It's not uncommon for us to argue. My character is that there is no such thing as an "overnight grudge" and his character is that he doesn't remember his past. But we're still so good and we're still together."

"Small fights are good, big fights are bad. It's not good to get into a habit of fighting, sooner or later it's going to get real and you'll regret it. I said briskly.

"You can't worry so much about that. But we're not arguing about principle, we're arguing about trivial things. Maybe we are still young and both of us are not that well educated, especially me.I don't know how to make things clear, otherwise I don't feel comfortable.I didn't pursue it because it was just a piece of watered-down news," Yung Mei Ling said."

"How do you feel about Tony Leung and Cynthia Tsang getting back together?"

"I'm happy for them and it proves that the old rumours were just 'gossip'. Isn't that right?"  Yung Mei Ling has been angry about the scandal for quite some time, but now the clouds have cleared.

"Kent is actually very nice to me," she confessed. "I am alone in Hong Kong and he takes good care of me in every way.
 When she was leaving, he told me to be nice and not to be upset about trivial things all day."

"Did you tell Mummy?"

"No, there are Hong Kong newspapers and magazines in Chinatown in the UK, and they always report on my actions, some of which are overblown. Mum's one of my fans and she's very worried about it."

So that's why it's a "future mother teaching her son-in-law a lesson"!

"It's not as serious as what's being said, that the relationship is on the verge of collapse, that there's a third party between Kent and I, etc. We're all busy, who has time for a third party?" Yung Mei Ling finished her speech in one breath to confirm that she and Kent are really "fine"!

Time will have to tell if she and Kent are the "not-even-at-all" couple, but let's hope they will always be in love!

The couple is unbreakable.

source: http://www.barbarayung.net/  Jade Weekly NO.131 p14~15 (翡翠周刊 NO.131 p14~15)

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