Weng Meiling has a large closet with gifts from fans.

[Interview with Yvonne]

I thought that after the controversy over the revealing photos, she would be afraid of having her picture taken for a long time, or refuse to do so, but no. She was as quick as ever to say yes. She bought Chang Chong's house and redecorated it. After we arrived we went to take photos. It was only three o'clock in the afternoon and the smell was already coming from the kitchen. As we were taking photos, we rushed into the kitchen to see the fire, and there was a nest of soup and meat, and she looked very experienced.

She said to me, "I went to the market early this morning to buy food. I don't usually have time to cook. So when I have time, I go to the market and then I invite a lot of friends over for dinner."

Her new kitchen is well-equipped. There are all sorts of seafood and condiments in the wall cupboards. I don't think you'd have that much equipment if you weren't a good cook. Although she is young, she was a boarder when she was a student and is very independent. The bedroom is decorated in pink, with a special long cabinet.

"It's a long cabinet for gifts from fans," she says "I get a lot of gifts from fans. Some of them are in my old home and I haven't moved in yet. I'll keep them all and see how many gifts I can collect."

She is honest: "I'm glad I got into this business. There are so many people who have been so kind to me. Even when I go out of town to appear on stage, the fans there are just as enthusiastic."

This girl, I found, is both dedicated and happy. She accepts everything readily. Like when she opened the wardrobe and let me choose the clothes for the photo shoot, she said to me professionally, "I've taken this one and that one. I know, you guys don't like to take pictures of what people have taken before." And then she laughed, "I should buy some clothes too. I've got a whole wardrobe of clothes. I've photographed almost everything."

I don't know if it's because she's lived abroad for so long, but she's as cool as a gweilo. She doesn't take anything lightly. So you would think that anything you do with her would be a pleasure. There are many rumours about her andher relation with Kent Tong, one time saying that they had a cold war, another time saying that they broke up. In fact, the two are still relatively close as boyfriend and girlfriend, like when I called Weng Meiling just now. He told me, "She's in Caine City, call Caine City and look for her."

"Are you at home alone?"

"We're playing mahjong."

Both of them live in the same building, and they are always running up and down the stairs. It would give the wrong impression: "Are you living together?" But they don't. They do live separately and we've taken photos of them in their respective homes. And then there was Chan Yuk Lin upstairs, which was very busy.

"When I was in England, I never thought I would come back to Hong Kong," she said "it's amazing how many friends I've made here."

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