Behind-the-Scenes Interviews

[Interview with Yawng Neiwen]

The open casting of Huang Rong in The Legend of the Eagle was finally decided upon by Weng Meiling. For a newcomer, her luck is enviable.
But at the same time, there are a thousand pairs of eyes on her, watching her make mistakes and picking out her flaws. Weng Meiling is no one else.

"I know I'm not good enough in terms of acting skills and experience. So I have to spend ten times more time and effort than others to learn. If people ask me how I got the role of Huang Rong, I can only answer that I was lucky. But in the days to come, I have to face people with my performance and tell them that the role has not been wasted."

She is a delicate woman, but she is very determined in her words.

There is no doubt that she has worked very hard, and the audience can even feel in front of the screen how dedicated she is. It is an undeniable fact that she is struggling. At first she is very deliberate in her acting and the effect is very unnatural, but gradually she gets into the scene and performs appropriately. She is as intelligent and clever as Huang Rong under Jin Yong's pen. I believe that with time she will become a skilled actress, and her first performance has given us all confidence that she is good material.

"I hope that after 'The Eagle', I will not be only cast in a fashion drama, because I don't think I want to be limited, otherwise I won't have a long artistic life," she said.

She sighed at the time and said, "It's not easy being an artist nowadays. It's not just acting."

She was not satisfied with what she had achieved.

"I wish God had given me five more years of youth, five years younger, it would have been a different story."

She feels that in addition to acting, an artist has to have the courage to take on challenges when the company has an announcement to sing, dance or perform dangerous acts.

Apart from her career, her love, her loving mother and grandfather, and her mortgage, she feels that she has not lost anything in the past few years. She has only one regret: God did not grant her prayers for an extra five years of youth.




「射鵰英雄傳」的黃蓉公開選角,最後落在翁美玲身上。 以一個新人來說, 她的運氣是令人羨慕的。





翁美玲做電視的日子不算短,對於這份工作,當時她嘆了口氣說:「現在做藝員可不容易啊!點止演戲咁簡單。」 原來她是對自己的成就未感滿意。