New drama promoted by two famous names.

[Interview with Yawng Neiwen]

After filming "The Legend of the Shooting Hero", Weng Meiling went to the UK, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and France for a fortnight. As soon as she returned to Hong Kong, her company asked her to to do a promotional event for Vitality Hong Kong, but the event was cancelled because of the windy weather. When she found out, she was so happy that she jumped up and down. When I spoke to her about her trip to Europe, she was so happy. She had stayed home for four or five nights while she was in England.

"My mum even bought tickets when she found out I was performing on stage," she said.

When the youngsters got together, they went to all the places they wanted to go. "Wah said they went to a disco and saw women stripping and dancing. And they went to the forest to see old prostitutes bargaining. Did you go?"

"Yes!" Weng Meiling nodded .... "But I don't know what other places they went to without me. They always say that I'm "small" and foreigners foreigners even thought I was a little girl."

The boy would never let go of anything that was fun or "sexy". If it wasn't for Leung Kit-wah, he would have gone even crazier. "He's back, and he's shooting a new movie! After a two-week break."

Weng Mei-ling's tiredness was gone and she was looking good again.

"I've been informed that I'm shooting a new drama by Timothy Lee. The main characters are Cheng Siu-chiu and Wong Kam-sun."

"You're so lucky to have two big names playing with you, you're not afraid to make this serie "Sandwich man"?"

She said shyly, "Don't say that, I am lucky. I'm lucky, but I'm nervous about working with these two youngsters."

She says luck can only help for a while, but if she doesn't perform well, she will be dropped by the company at any time and then she has to return to England with her baggage.

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  翁美玲自知福禍難卜 盡地一煲失敗便返英









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