Accepting a five-year contract with TVB. Weng Meiling laughs at her adaptability

[Interview with Aardman]

The first time I saw her on stage, she was a bit of a jerk. I've been on stage a lot

"I've only been there twice, and many people have been there more than me, so why are you talking about me?

"I've been going on stage a lot lately, but I've actually been working on a TV show, so I've stopped this month. But I have to be the star of the show again!"

"Stop complaining, you're much better than Wong Yat-wah!"

"That's true, alas! Wah is so unlucky!,  I'm sorry to hear that"

"I heard that you were approached by a film company to do a film?"

"I don't know what's going on yet" she says, humming a song as she talks "But I've already decided to go on stage in Thailand at the end of the year, and if the company says yes to my film, it depends on whether it clashes with the stage." She's still humming.

"Onstage again! You're really 'in the water'! (The Cantonese regard "water" as wealth, and the phrase "a pig cage entering water" means wealth in all directions. A pig cage in water" (in Cantonese: meaning wealth is rolling in) ...)

"It's not a done deal yet!"

"If you were given the choice of making a film or being on stage, what would you choose?"

"What's the point? Of course I'd go on stage!" Yung Mei Ling said bluntly, without hesitation.

"Does the film not appeal to you?"

"No, but I have to think about a lot of things, otherwise it's all over, it's very risky!"

"There has to be a start. Many artists are eager to get their feet wet on the big screen, so it's a challenge! It's a challenge, and that satisfaction can't be bought with money!"

"I understand that if I were still 17 or 18 years old, I would be just as eager to try it out as they are, but I'm not that young anymore. So when I have the chance to make extra money, how can I not make more?"

Yung Mei Ling doesn't hide her realism, or maybe she's too eager for quick success, but she also has her own reasons. Instead of the dreams of many young girls who are starting out in the entertainment industry, she is just trying to grasp the opportunities available to her.

"You'll be back on stage at the end of the year and you'll be buying another house!"

"Ha! Do you think I'm an investor?" Yung Mei Ling hummed a light-hearted song.

"Many artists come back from the stage saying they're buying property!"

"It's true, property prices in Hong Kong are really cheap, so buying a flat would have been the best thing to do, but I already have one and I'm not going to buy any more. It's a bit of a risky investment."

"Would you rather go back to the UK before you buy?" I've already heard Yung Mei Ling say that she plans to return to the UK in the future, as her family is there anyway. "You've done so well in Hong Kong in the last two years, do you want to leave everything behind if you go back to the UK?

"Why not? What's better than not having to do it?" Yung Mei Ling asked in return. "If I get married in the future, I won't do it anymore."

"When do you plan to get married?"

"Just find someone who can afford to support me." She said with a smile, then she hastened to declare, "It doesn't cost much to keep me, it's quite cheap."

"You can always..." Before the author could finish her sentence,

she said, "We need to have a financial base first, so we can't be hungry when we get married! As she said this, a smile spread across her face again.

She was smiling again. The Eagles' Pretty Wong Yung

Of course, for both of them, this was a time when their careers were starting well and they should take the opportunity to make money and build their careers. But it's often hard to follow common sense when it comes to relationships.

"Let's just let nature take its course!" Yung Mei Ling said.

"Now there's a new breed of young girls. Do you feel threatened?"

"I don't feel that way yet." She shrugs her shoulders.

She was the first artist to be asked to sign a five-year contract, which was the price she paid for being promoted.

"Fortunately, TVB has deliberately promoted you as a costume actress, so that's something, you can rest assured.

I've seen her in 'The Magic Kingdom', she's very pretty." "But some people say she's more suitable in costume if she's smaller."

"That makes sense!" Yung Mei Ling nods in agreement.

"I heard that TVB is promoting you to take the place of Wong Hang Sau.

"Ohhh... Don't compare like that, okay? I'm just starting out, I've got a lot of work to do!"

"Of all the dramas you've done, which one do you like the most?"

"I think it's 'The Eagle', Huang Rong is really my most memorable role."

"Is it because this role made you famous and you are fond of it?"

"No, I did learn a lot in this drama, and I saw myself improve and gain something."

"For a newcomer at the time, you were a good learner and you absorbed it very quickly."

"How can I put it, it's up to people to judge, but I admit I'm a very adaptable person."

The first serie she acted in was "Thirteen Sisters" and more recently "The Rusty Bridge King".
She is eager to have the opportunity to act in fashion dramas again, so that people don't think she can only act in costumes.

"You're often cast in costume dramas, do you like them?"

"Of course I like it, it's not something you can do on a regular basis, it's fun!"

"But it's hard work," she says, feeling a bit conflicted.

"Look, the sweat spot on my neck hasn't healed yet!"

Yung Mei Ling turned her body around and tilted her face up to show the author the sweat spots on her neck, which were not too big but were numerous. Luckily, it was on her neck, not her face, otherwise it would have been worse! The author felt sorry for her.

"That's because in costume dramas and costumes, you have to put on a thick sheath, and many people have worn it. Maybe it's infected," she said with a smile on her face.

"Have you seen a doctor?"

"Yes, I've been applying ointment, but it hasn't cleared up in six months, and the doctor says it doesn't heal easily if you sweat a lot.
She sighed softly and said helplessly, "There's a price to pay, and that includes this."

Yung is complaining, but it is so faint that it is almost imperceptible.

Yes, she had paid a high price for being bound to a five-year contract, and this little problem means nothing to her!












 粵人視“水”為財,“豬籠入水”者,八方進財是也。豬籠入水"(廣東話:意即財源滾滾來) ...

















































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